Our IVF Story

My partner and I are seeking an egg donor to help in our IVF journey.
Thank you for reading our story.


Our Open Letter to you.

Firstly, from my partner and I, thank you for reading our story and possibly giving us the amazing opportunity to become parents ourselves.

We're a loving married couple that has been trying for many years to complete family life.

After trying to conceive naturally with no success, we now need your help to make our family complete.

We feel time is running out for us, that's why we have chosen IVF.


If you're able to do the kind and selfless act of donating your eggs, please submit a form below and clinic staff from PIVET Medical Center can get in touch with you about our specific client case.


We have so much to offer but we need your help to make this happen.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Client of Pivet Medical Centre (Client ID: 3344)


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Get in touch with PIVET Medical Centre (Client ID: 3344)

By submitting a form, you're getting in touch with Pivet Medical Centre to help a specific client case (ClientID: #3344). For more information, please discuss with the staff member.

Unfortunately this form is no longer available, please contact online@lassomedia.com.au or call (08) 9388 1600