Fringe World schedule

Josh Staley 2024 Lie to Me - 13012024 - Competition Header v1

Magic and Comedy collide at 2024 Fringe World Perth | 2024 Lie To Me Competition Giveaway

Josh Staley 2024 Conjuring College - 13012024 - Competition Header v1

Unlock Your Child’s Inner Magician with Australian champion magician, Josh Staley

Josh Staley 2024 Wacky Wizardry Goes Wrong - 13012024 - Competition Header v1a

Unpredictable Magic and Mayhem at 2024 Fringe World Perth | 2024 Wacky Wizardry Goes Wrong Competition Giveaway

Head First Acrobats 2024 Railed - 12012024 - Competition Header v1

Railed: A Western Adult Adventure at 2024 Fringe World Perth


Headfirst Acrobats return to Perth with three multi-award-winning acts.

Head First Acrobats - 2024 PreHysterical Circus - 10012024 - img2

It’s a Circus of Pre-Hysterically Funny Neanderthals at 2024 Fringe World Perth!


Unveiling the Vibrant World of Morgan James and Ricochet Circus: A Candid Look Behind the Curtain