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Version 2

Introducing Pop-Up Party Dodgeball! The perfect no-stress option for kids parties, festivals or youth groups that is COMPLETELY MOBILE!

They bring the party to you, along with bringing the fun, the laughs, and the music! Set up in any public or private space, no power required, and let us take care of the rest!

– Gets kids active
– Suitable for all ages, even adults!
– Leave the kids to us while you relax! Our fully contained Inflatable Arena with your own Referee who will keep the games and laughs flowing
– Customise your event as a mini tournament or casual game play
– Super soft foam dodgeballs
– Compiled by professional DJs, our Dodgeball Party Playlist will have kids dodging and dancing non stop!
– Perfect for private parties, festivals, schools and kids groups.

WE ALSO RUN ADULT EVENTS! Want to get you parent group together for something fresh & fun, with or without the kids!?
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