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Ask A...| Kids In Perth's panel of experts & specialists

Tuning the intrument. Little boy with phoropter having testing his eyes in the doctor's office.

Consultation with Dr Geoff Cooper & Dr Julie Lourie from Cooper & Lourie Family Optometrist

Department of The Premier & Cabinet - hero image
Do you see? Little girl in optical office.

Childhood vision problems… the unseen learning difficulty.

Cute little child watch movie on smartphone at bed. Dangers of blue light can damage eyes. Handsome little boy can be age related macular degeneration from blue light, wear eyeglasses since childhood

Blocking blue light as a family.

concept vision testing. child  girl with eyeglasses at the doctor ophthalmologist

Childhood Myopia… a health epidemic parents should be looking closer at


Ask A Lawyer : Managing Christmas and separation as a family


Ask A Lawyer: Child Support Explained

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