Ask A Lawyer: Child Support Explained

By Rebekah Little, Principal at Apex Family Lawyers & Mediators in collaboration with Kids In Perth 02 Nov 2020


The In’s & Out’s of Child Support

For many of us, separation and financial issues go hand in hand, with the topic of child support being an essential consideration.

When I decided to separate, the best advice I received was to contact the Child Support Agency and request an assessment be made. The Department of Human Service offers a calculator that provides an estimate of the appropriate amount of child support to be paid in your particular circumstances.

Private child support agreements can include provisions about the payment of other expenses over and above basic requirements, including but not limited to school fees and health care.

There are several types of child support agreements:

  • Limited child support agreement – parents agree to the terms without a lawyer.
  • Binding child support agreement – each party obtains independent legal advice.
  • Court ordered child support – a last resort but may be the best solution if your former partner has a history of delaying, withholding payments or using money to ‘control’ other aspects of a parenting agreement.

Wherever possible, parents are encouraged to reach an agreement about the welfare of their children as prolonged conflict is often detrimental to the relationship between the parents and can negatively impact children.

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