VisAbility Child and Youth Services

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Phone: (08) 9311 8202


VisAbility provides specialist services for children with low or no vision. From your child’s early years, through school and into adulthood, you need support from experts who know the impact that vision impairment has on a child’s development. VisAbility works with parents and educators to support children’s learning and development at home, in childcare, in school and in the community.

VisAbility’s qualified therapy team helps children:
– Learn early movement skills such as sitting, crawling
Learn to take care of themselves, including toileting, brushing teeth, personal hygiene, dressing
– Communicate with others to develop good friendships and connections
– Learn early movement and motor skills
– Develop coordination and get involved in sports and leisure
– Manage emotions and express their feelings
– Prepare them to be included in household chores, find employment and live independently,
– Use equipment and assistive technology