Fact-Checking Policy

Our mission is to positively influence local Perth family households and future generations by bringing great ideas, trusted recommendations, and convenience to the fingertips of busy parents.

We do this by sharing ideas and creating products on the Kids In Perth platform that allow parents to connect with businesses and organisations that we recommend so they're able to seek help or make informed purchasing decisions.


Kids In Perth Platform consists of the following:

  • Website
    Library of custom website articles and landing pages that provide parents with all the information they need to find help, ask questions and/or make appointments.
  • Social Media
    Our community of local Perth parents and family households whom we inform and engage with on a regular basis.
  • The Parents Paper 
    Founded in 1994-95, initially known as Kids In Perth, it is Perth's very first parenting specific publication and totally free!In the early 2000s, it was renamed The Parents Paper by Tony Wong (the current Director's father) so parents will naturally know to pick it up when they see it.

Thankfully, the Kids In Perth halo brand was kept and incorporated into print mastheads and online presence.

Today, The Parents Paper has evolved into a print-to-digital platform that QR codes to items on the Kids In Perth website.

It represents a physical version of the website.


Fact-Checking Policy

Being a news & media business with the responsibility of publishing a variety of influential content including:

  • Opinion pieces
  • Advertorials
  • Editorial content
  • Videos & Photography
  • it's important to have a fact-checking policy in place.

We have the following Fact-Checking policies in place:

  • For Opinion Pieces & Editorial Articles, during the planning stage, a discussion is had between the author and Senior Editor/Management about the topic and its suitability.Prior to publishing, information and references for this content is scrutinized and, ultimately, approved by Management before appearing on the Kids In Perth platform.
  • For Advertorial content, it is the Advertiser's responsibility for all information to be correct at the time of publication.Kids In Perth Platform has the right to refuse to publish the content if Management deems it to not be in the interest and/or damaging to the community/target audience it serves.

    Kids In Perth is not held liable for damages incurred by members of the general public and/or the Advertiser as a result of the publishing of this content.

    All advertorials are approved by the advertiser before sharing online.

  • Videography & Photography, similar to the content above.
  • Content referes to news and media created and presented by the Kids In Perth platform and its staff.


To present misinformation, while creating content, the Editorial Team takes great care in carefully researching published articles on specific topics from a variety of news sources both online and offline to avoid controversy.


In the event that information published is incorrect, facts are cross-referenced and immediately corrected and/or articles will be removed. A public service announcement will be made on Kids In Perth's social media channels.