Premium Business Submission

Welcome & thank you for choosing Kids In Perth as your marketing partner.
Your Premium Business Listing is the starting point for all your digital marketing on our platform.

We look forward to working and growing with you.


Submission Guidelines

Below is our submission guideline, as well as, general tips & advice on what to include in your Premium Business Listing.

Think long-term

Your Premium Business Listing remains permanently on the Kids In Perth website and will continue evolving over time as we improve and update Kids In Perth as a product.

By purchasing individual campaigns and/or participating in group marketing initiatives, these items archive to your Premium Business Listing, creating a library of collaborative content/purposeful sales lead generation items over time. 

Great pictures

Make the effort to find & choose great images to include in your gallery. We're looking for images not adverts, images with overlaid text will not be approved and you will have to submit these forms again.

Write in Third Person

Individual parents are reading about your business from the Kids In Perth website so description/text fields will need to be written in the third person.


Treat this as a fun, casual elevator pitch. Sell in subtle, helpful ways. Put your best foot forward all the time! 

If you have any issues with your self-submission, please call 9388 1600.

Start here.

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