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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 04 May 2022

Kids In Perth Press Release - Comics Header - May 2022

Recently, the Australian printed #1 issue of The Phantom sold at auction for over $20,000! Doubling estimated expectations.

Issues #2, #3, #4 and #5 also broke individual record prices for the Phantom series with all comics selling for over $50K in a single auction.

“Comics are another form of a passion investment that have seen rise in value over the years, and today this auction proves that investments people can enjoy are still proving highly collectable,”

Mr. Lee Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

Typically, The Phantom #1 “Enter The Phantom” released in September 1948, will be estimated between $8,000 - $10,000 at auction.

“Who knew that 32-page comic books could be worth so much in the future, just like original Holden or Ford Classic cars or even limited-edition pinball machines, we are seeing retro items on the up at Lloyds,” said Mr. Hames.

Remember Polly Pockets?

“We come across hundreds of stories of people finding rare and original collectibles each and every day right around the country, we encourage anyone who think they might be sitting on something unique that has a history or story, to give us a call ,” continued Mr. Hames.

Besides comic books, Lloyds has seen many auction records broken this year for collectibles ranging from artwork to high-end watches and classic cars.

In April, an extremely rare piece of fine art by Jeffrey Smart was sold for over $210,000 through Lloyds, breaking previous auction records for artwork created by iconic Australian artists.

Pop art comics style excited girl having fun reading action comic book or adventure graphic novel vector illustration

In February, a stainless Rolex Daytona sold for over $50,000!
Well above its original retail price of $14,000 when it was released.

Interested in classic cars? Holdens broke Australian records in February with a 1968 Holden HK Monaro selling for $330,000.

“What these prices reflect is that these rare collectibles are not being made anymore, or they are subject to long waitlists to get your hands on, so people are paying a premium to jump the queue and own something truly unique to enjoy as the item appreciates over time,” said Mr. Hames.

It's a trend that isn't unique to Lloyds as they've been witness to rising prices and many new auction records being set over the years.

You never know what might become collectible...
Even number plates have a collector market!

Usual "mancave" memorabilia and items such as pinball machines and classic car spare parts have been popular at auctions over the last 3 to 4 years. However... so has women's items such as vintage jewellery and handbags.

Maybe it's time to check out an auction sometime ...

Or get an invite to Mum and Dad's for dinner.

What do you collect as a passion "investment"?
What makes something collectible?
How do you find your collectible?

Share your tips in the comments! Scroll down for our collecting tips.

Iconic Cover Art | Show the kids!

Here are a few iconic comic covers that you may remember from your childhood to show the kids! Let us know in the comments what we've missed so we can add it to this gallery!

Hints & Tips | Collecting Ideas

Kids In Perth Press Release - Comics Header - May 2022

Trash or treasure? We make the mistakes so you don't have to...

#1: Buy what you love, love what you buy.

Don't get caught up in hype or FOMO, buy quality grails that you genuinely love and are happy to keep regardless of its value going up or down.

Also, if you passionately love something then chances are... other people with similar taste will love it too!

So there's always a market or ... Facebook Marketplace for what you have.

#2: Share the experience with your child.

Collecting vintage items offers a great way for teaching children about quality, condition, and also, handling money and negotiating a good outcome.

Initially, if you haven't already done so, why not introduce your child to the world of vintage by sharing your childhood toys with them?

#3: Read, watch, learn.

Devil is in the details!

With so many fakes, it's always Buyer Beware!

Before starting any collection, learn about these items and, similarly, teach your kids to be vigilant.

Joining Facebook groups, research online articles and binge-watching Youtube videos about your favourite items help to prepare you when you have to carefully inspect what you're looking to buy!

#4: Generation gap

When was the last time you saw a steam-powered car drive by?
Not often because the generation that appreciates these items are passing on.
People who inherit these items may not have much use for them or even ... like them.

Lesson: Buy only iconic and timeless pieces. Whatever it may be.

#5: Make an upfront profit

Always remember... when you're buying someone's old stuff, in most cases, it's probably what they've regarded as junk.

You're doing them as much or more as a favor than they in letting you be the next owner.

Try to come up with a budget and fair price that the seller will find reasonable and, if you ever need to sell the item, you're getting back what you paid for it.

Ideally, buy at a price that makes a profit upfront.

What are we collecting at Kids In Perth?

As a family, we collect vintage toys with the kids, as well as, other unique items.
Lately, my partner has taken an interest in mid-century furniture pieces.
Hopefully, our kids will find it tasteful long after we're gone.

What are you collecting?

Please share your collecting tips and ideas in the comments below.

Where to go | Places to visit

Vintage Fashion & Jewellery

Re-Run Consignment - Thumbnail

Re-Run Consignment

Re Run Consignment Store Perth, located on the iconic Angove Street in North PerthRe-Run offers top quality preloved fashion, shoes and accessories.

Helen Swift Designer Consignments - Thumbnail

Helen Swift Designer Consignments

Nice little shop in Cottesloe run by a friendly, attentive and passionate owner!

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