Parents – 15 minutes a day is all your child needs to succeed in reading!

By Claire de Franck, Editor - Kids in Perth 23 Jun 2020

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As parents we all know how amazing it feels when our child starts to read, to explore the world of words and to find excitement and meaning in the magic of books. For some, it comes relatively naturally whilst others can struggle before they find their way and this can leave us as parents frustrated and worried, especially when we are time poor.

For the highly experienced educators at ABC Reading Eggs, there are 5 top tips that if focused upon for as little as 15 minutes a day will help children not only develop as proficient readers, but also have fun when it comes to reading and learning:

Tip 1: Make the most of rhyme and repetition

A great way to get kids involved and to remember what they have read. Learning through repetition and rhyme helps them to develop their phonics skills, one of the foundations for success in reading. That’s why nursery rhymes are such a great way to start children off. Eggy Nursery Rhymes, part of the ABC Reading Eggs program, brings 10 classic nursery rhymes to life in an interactive and fun way, with activities and karaoke!

Tip 2: Ask questions as you read together

Asking questions as you read, helps support your child’s understanding of what they are reading, and they become an active reader. For example during reading you could ask; “What do you think will happen to the character next?” or “What have you enjoyed about the story so far?” At the end questions such as “What was your favourite part of the book?” or “Did you think that’s how it would end?” are a great way to encourage discussion and comprehension.

Tip 3: Make reading part of family life

Home is where so much of your child’s learning takes place. It is where they feel most confident, happy and supported. Studies prove that children who come from homes where reading is prioritised are already way ahead of their peers. Set up a reading nook with cushions or beanbags, make it a cosy place where they can escape to at any time of the day, better still set it up next to their bookshelf or boxes with books.

Tip 4: Remember to praise

Praise and encouragement when reading will boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem, but its important to tell them what you are praising them for, so for example “I thought you read those words very well.” Or “I know that that was a long word to say but you did it, well done!” In the ABC Reading Eggs program, children earn golden eggs for every level they progress through, as well as certificates which they can print out and display.  Songs and colourful characters also help motivate children as they progress.

Tip 5: Teach phonics

Phonics teaches children the links between letters and sounds and it is a fundamental foundation to reading and writing. At home, listen to your child reading a word aloud, and then help them sound it out, or when reading aloud use different voices for the characters to emphasise the differing sounds. ABC Reading Eggs program focuses on phonics through a range of activities from videos which introduce the letter and the sound, through to letter formation with dot-to-dot games and interactive activities which allow children to practice segmenting and blending sounds.

The feedback from families speaks volumes as to the benefits that ABC Reading Eggs has given their children: “My daughter loves ABC Reading Eggs! She is so excited by the progress she has made through the site. She enjoys the games and is learning so much. I highly recommend it. It is great for learning phonics and letter sounds. The games are fun and educational. We will continue to use ABC Reading Eggs until she is reading on her own!”

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ABC Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning online reading program for children aged 2–13. It uses scientific research to help children learn to read and encourage a love of reading from an early age. Click here to start your FREE trial today.

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