What is in a name? Australia’s top baby names in 2020

By Kids in Perth, 01 Apr 2021


Deciding on a name for your child can be difficult, especially if it’s not your first and you have already gone through your favourites.  Should it be one that’s popular and safe, or should it be one that’s creative and unique?  According to numbers from McCrindle Research, Aussie parents have kept naming trends pretty consistent lately.

In 2020 the top 10 names for girls were exactly the same as 2019 but in a slightly different order.  Taking the #1 spot for the sixth year in a row is Charlotte which skyrocketed in popularity the year Princess Charlotte was born.  For the boys Oliver has been #1 for a solid seven years in a row.  Charlie entered the Top ten at the expense of Liam which dropped to 11th place.

Top 10 girls’ names 

Rank                 Name               Occurrences 

1                      Charlotte          1,609 

2                      Olivia                1,575 

3                      Amelia              1,494 

4                      Isla                   1,397 

5                      Mia                  1,386 

6                      Ava                   1,353 

7                      Grace               1,132 

8                      Willow              1,129 

9                      Harper              1,095 

10                    Chloe                1,038

Top 10 boys’ names 

Rank                 Name               Occurrences 

1                      Oliver               2,206 

2                      Noah                1,825 

3                      Jack                  1,717 

4                      William             1,688 

5                      Leo                   1,414 

6                      Lucas                1,348 

7                      Thomas            1,323 

8                      Henry               1,319 

9                      Charlie              1,197 

10                    James               1,176

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