Growing confidence in kids at home

By Helen Davey, Executive Principal - The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy 19 Apr 2020


We are all spending a lot of time at home with our kids just now, and in this uncertain time they need our help to grow and maintain their confidence. Here are the top tips from Helen Davey, Executive Principal at The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.

Praise for a Reason

  • Give them praise and encouragement but with feedback. For example, rather than saying “Good job” for finishing their work, point out what is good, “I like your use of colour in that drawing,” or “You used such an expressive voice when reading today.”
  • Try not to praise children for doing things they are supposed to do, such as brushing their teeth.

Allow Children to Make Mistakes

It’s natural to want to prevent your child from feeling discouraged, or making mistakes, but when you step in – it’s not always going to help them.·

  • Kids need to know that it’s okay to fail, and that it’s normal to feel sad, anxious, or angry. They learn from their mistakes and by overcoming challenges, not by having them removed.
  • It’s important for children to have the chance to take risks and try new things, without feeling that their parents will criticise or correct them for doing something wrong!
  • It can be good for children to see their parents making little mistakes from time to time also, without a big fuss being made about it! If children know mistakes aren’t the end of the world, they will be less likely to avoid trying new things based on a fear of failure

Give Children Responsibilities

One of the ways children gain confidence is by having tasks to do, such as helping with small jobs around the house or garden.

  • Speak to them about what daily or weekly tasks they could help out with. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing this responsible task will be a great confidence booster.

Let Your Children Make Decisions

If children get the chance to make choices, they’ll gain confidence and trust their own decisions.

  • Rather than giving them a ‘free reign’, give them two or three options to choose from. (At the same time, let your child know certain choices are up to you!)

Nurture Interests

When possible, expose your child to a wide variety of activities, and encourage them when they find something they really love to do.

  • Kids who have a passion — whether it’s karate, cooking or drama – feel proud and are more likely to be successful in other areas of their life. Find an online class to do during your time at home.
  • Hobbies may be particularly helpful for children who have a hard time adjusting to being at home more – and you can also help your child take advantage of this interest to connect with other kids with similar likes, during the online courses!

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy are offering special digital classes in Term 2 in the form of watch and participate at home videos with optional live Zoom lessons also available.

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