Have you heard of Mr Snotbottom? He’s THE kids comedian to see this Summer Hols!

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 23 Dec 2022

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Mr Snotbottom

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Mr Snot bottom is the Prince of Putrid, the Willy Wonka of Weird and hysterically disgusting!

All things kids 5 and up love!


How to describe Mr Snot bottom? Imagine a cross between the elastic Jim Carrey, Mr Bean and… maybe Shrek? In short, he’s a cartoon character come to life!


For this January School Holidays, Mr Snot-bottom brings his most ooiest, gooiest, slimiest songs and gruesome gross-tactic gags yet, as well as, some BRAND NEW just-wrong routines in a roller coaster of weirdness as part of 2023 Fringe World!


Expect barrages of tasteless tunes, slimy skits, all in a celebration of silliness that leaves kids and parents gasping, groaning and howling in laughter!

Preview | What to expect

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Trailer | What to expect

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Mr Snot bottom will be performing at The Hat Trick, inside The Pleasure Garden from Friday 20 to Sunday 29 January 2023.

For fun stuff and Mr Snotbottom content the whole family can enjoy together, visit mrsnotbottom.com.

Find tickets for Mr Snot bottom’s upcoming shows at fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/mr-snotbottom-comedian-for-kids-fw2023.

Learn more about Mark Trenwith… the grossest man, myth and legend behind Mr Snot bottom below!

Mr Snotbottom

Photo Credit: Mr Snotbottom

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Q+A | More on Mark...

Question #1. Why are you so passionate about entertaining children?

Kids have such honest and intense reactions to what they’re experiencing. A group of kids laughing is about ten times the volume of an adult audience laughing so if you add parents enjoying the experience of sharing this with their kids into the mix, you really get a magical atmosphere.

Question #2. Take us through a typical Mr Snotbottom day... how does it look?

No day is ever really the same.

Sometimes I could be singing Disney songs at the top of my lungs as I drive 8 hours across the country to perform in a small regional town.

Sometimes I could be sitting in a café writing one of my ‘Busy Bodies’ podcast scripts while the barista watches me confused as I laugh at my own jokes.

Sometimes I’m in an airport holding up the line as I deal with my mountains of over-sized baggage.

Sometimes I’m at home almost falling asleep on my computer in utter boredom because of hours and hours of admin I have to do.

Sometimes I ride across the land having adventures on my giant magical slug Chachi.*

*Not all of these are true

Question #3. Who inspires your comedy? Who are your heroes?

I’m inspired by comedy that has a universal appeal like Mr Bean, The Muppets plus a dash of absurdism from the likes of Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh, Vic Reeves.

Question #4. What's your creative process? How do you come up with jokes?

There’s no real ‘recipe’ or ‘process’ it’s just about showing up to the computer or the page and write, write, write, write, write.

Then edit, edit, edit and coffee, coffee, coffee.

Most of the ideas don’t make it to the stage or the podcast.

For me it's like mining; mostly hours of digging away, before you get any gold.

Question #5. When did you start performing comedy?

I started performing as a standup for adults and in children’s theatre shows around 2002.

In around 2010 I began to combine the two.

Actually, a friend asked me to perform stand-up at their kids' party not knowing I had experience as a kids' performer.

So I put together a little routine based on some kids' magic tricks I knew and then a few days before the party she told me her kid had told all his friends that I was coming to his house to make fart jokes.

So, in a bit of a panic, I rewrote everything making all my jokes much stinkier and sillier and the character Mr Snotbottom was born!

Question #6. When did you start performing comedy?

In some ways, they’re easier, because they’re more open-minded and willing to suspend all belief and go on a journey with you.

If you get them and they get you then it’s an incredibly joyous, raucous, giddy time.

But it’s harder because as any parent knows if you give them too much of a leash they walk all over you!

So I find I actually have to pull back more than I’d like.

Sometimes if I hold a silly face for that little bit too long, it’s like I’ve given them permission to think I’m a complete buffoon and they go bonkers to the point I can’t control them and it ruins the show.

You have to be so careful if you want to both keep them laughing and respecting you at the same time.

Most people think I just go out there on stage and make a bunch of fart jokes but it’s way more complicated than that. Sort of. LOL!


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Kids In Perth Exclusive | Learn some jokes!

Joke #1. Why do babies sleep so much?

Because they wear nappies.

Joke #2. What do you call a Banana’s grandma? 

A Ba-nanna.

Joke #3. What does a ghost get when it blows it’s nose? 


Joke #4. Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?

Because the pee is silent.

Joke #5. What do you get when you go the toilet in your sleep?



More from Mark | Podcasts

Did you know Mark Trenwith aka Mr Snotbottom is an award-winning Podcaster?


Why do we yawn? Should we pick scabs?  And how do we stop a hiccup?

Mr Snot Bottom brings brand new icky, gooey episodes of Busy Bodies every fortnight.

Written and voiced by Mr Snot Bottom!

Click on an icon to start listening now in the car with the kids or at home before bed!

More Mr Snotbottom | Merch

Support Mr Snotbottom by rocking his stinky gear and joining his stinky gang! 

Why visit the Stinky Stuff Shop...

Buying merch from performers like Mr Snotbottom lets every performer continue doing what they love ... entertaining your family!



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Planner | Event Info & Details

Event Information

Kids comedy hero Mr Snot-bottom, brings his most ooeyiest, gooeyiest, slimiest songs and gruesomest gross-tactic gags as well as some BRAND NEW just-wrong routines in a rollercoaster of weirdness! Like a cross between Mr Bean and Shrek, expect a barrage of tasteless tunes and slimy skits in a celebration of silliness that will have weird kids 5 and up and their even weirder parents gasping, groaning and howling with delight!

"multi-generational comedy for all...a must-see show!" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  Glam Adelaide.
"kiddy stand up at its best" ★ ★ ★ ★ The Advertiser
"guaranteed to gross you out and leave you smiling" ★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 HifiWay

Best Family Podcast, 2020 Silver Medal Aus Podcast Awards
Nominated Best Children's Event FRINGE WORLD, 2020

Presented by:
Mark Trenwith

It's the Prince of Putrid, the Willy Wonka of Weird, It's the hysterically disgusting Mr Snot bottom! Like a cross between Mr Bean and Shrek, Mr Snot bottom has sold out shows across the world with his icky, slimy, silly comedy for over 10 years.

"all the best elements you'd hope for in kids entertainment" ★★★★ Kiddo Mag

The Mr Snot bottom podcast 'Busy Bodies' won two silver medals at The Australian Podcast Awards and can be heard through the Kinderling network. A quirky adventure through the human body, 'Busy Bodies' is full of silly, icky jokes amongst serious science facts!

With appearances on Kids WB, ABC FM and Kinderling, Mr Snot bottom is becoming fast renowned as a kids entertainment icon that makes the whole family gasp, groan and howl with delight together!

Event Dates & Location

The Hat Trick @ The Pleasure Garden
Friday 20 - Sunday 29 January 2023

Pricing Information

Type Price
Full Price$22.00 to $28.00
Companion Card$0.00
Friends Frenzy$20.00

Prices may not be available on all sessions.

All online transactions attract a $2.20 website transaction fee.

Duration: 50 min

Recommended for children ages: 5-10

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