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  • Zheng He is a famous Asian explorer from China.
  • Represented Emperor Yong Le, third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, overseas during diplomatic and trade missions.
  • Diplomatic means making friends overseas and trade is business between countries.
  • Born in 1371 and died in 1435 (Aged 63-64 years old).
  • Travelled throughout South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
    Some voyages lasted for as long as 3 years.Imagine your Mum or Dad being away that long for work!How about being one of the crew, exploring and experiencing different foreign lands and cultures?
  • Zheng He was a brave soldier and most trusted advisor of the Emperor.
    He led more than 20,000 men and a fleet of over 100 ships!At the time, China had the most advanced navy in the world.
  • Cool stuff Zheng He brought back to China include exotic animals such as lions and giraffes, precious stones and spice.
  • He navigated with magnetic compasses for direction and slow-burning incense to measure time and distance.

Zheng He's Adventures

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Fun Facts

  • "Chinese Treasure Ships" used by the commander of the fleet and his deputies are about 127 metres (417 feet) long, 52 metres (171 feet) wide, with four decks.
  • Carried 500 to 1000 passengers including navigators, explorers, sailors, doctors, translators and diarist to document the journey.
  • Armed with cannons to fight off pirates and help allies during times of need.

Lasting impact of Zheng He

  • Many Chinese people migrated and settled overseas to the countries that Zheng He visited and traded with during his voyages.
  • There are people with Chinese heritage as far as Africa!
  • Being Muslim, Zheng He helped to spread Islam and is remembered with mosques, temples and museums around Indonesia and Malaysia.

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