Meet the Aussie icons at Caversham Wildlife Park!

By Claire de Franck, Kids in Perth 16 Sep 2020


Wondering what should be on the family outing wish-list ? Well, wonder no more! A short drive away from the City is the award-winning family-owned Caversham Wildlife Park, and the Kids in Perth team headed off to find out all about it!

With the animal keepers at Caversham Wildlife Park

Featuring more than 200 different species and over 2000 animals, birds and reptiles, its fantastic interactive experiences give visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most famous animals, no wonder then that we were filled with excitement as we set off for the day to meet some of its residents!

Our first stop was to meet Debbie the keeper and the koalas, with 50 of these at the park we were introduced to Marie, her yet to be named joey and grand-nephew James. Now I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for all things small, cute and furry and these three did not disappoint at all! There is something very relaxing about watching these iconic Aussies hang out amongst the Eucalyptus (where they can eat 2.5 pounds a day), snuggling up together and getting cosy.

From one Aussie icon to another, did you know that a wombat can run at up to 40km/h? No? Neither did we till we met up with Asha (who weighs over 25kg!) and her keeper Cassie, as well as one of the newest arrivals to the park, a soon to be named joey. Whilst the joey is not ready to meet visitors, there are 15 wombats at Caversham that make up the very popular ‘Meet the Wombat and Friends’ attraction on daily at 11.00am and 2.00pm.

Now Pingu has a lot to answer for, doesn’t he? The cute little penguin has seen us quite rightly think a lot more about these birds. Thankfully at Caversham you can get a chance to watch up to ten of them being fed at noon each day, but be quick as they eat fast, and judging by our visit with Robin and his keeper Aiden, are very speedy!

If that wasn’t enough, the entertaining farm show is a must, held in a traditional Australian farm shed; you can feel the excitement of a true blue Aussie farm while watching sheep shearing, cracking a stock whip and meeting a stockman riding horseback. Over at Molly’s farm, children of all ages can enjoy meeting a huge variety of animals including cows, goats, guinea pigs and more!

feel like meeting a Wombat?

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