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By , Kids in Perth 14 Jul 2020

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To celebrate the recent opening of Hatched National Graduate Show 2020, PICA in its commitment to fostering a lifelong interest amongst young people in the arts, has created some innovative and exciting PICA Make At Home activities as part of its PICA at Home digital program.

A series of online art-making activities where art and science converge has been developed by Perth duo James Doohan and Bianca Sharkey, who operate as Astro Morphs, an audio-visual collective, under the pseudonyms Yow and Sox.

Astro Morphs takes inspiration from biology in their productions and art works, so in all of their activities you will have fun creating whilst also learning about the world of biology.

In make animal eyes, create your own mask, whilst at the same time exploring the different structures and functions of different species eyes. Instructions are set out below, and there are also some great videos to help with this and their other activities:

Make animal eyes – PICA at Home

For this activity, you will need:

  • A cardboard coffee cup holder
  • Ping pong ball or milk bottle lids, or any other round recyclable product
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Elastic
  • Internet access

What you need to do:

  • Paint cardboard coffee cup holder
  • Do a search and investigate different animal pupils and choose one for your mask
  • Paint or draw a pupil of your choice onto a ping-pong ball/milk bottle lid or any other round object of your choice. These will be the eyeballs of your mask.
  • Glue your homemade eyeballs onto the painted cardboard coffee cup holder
  • Attach elastic or string to the side of the mask so you can wear it
  • Use the mask to perform in!


Consider the pupils you chose for your mask:

  • How do different animal pupils differ?
  • How does pupil structure affect their function?
  • What environment does the animal you chose live in?
  • How do their unique eyes help them in their environment?

If you enjoyed this activity then visit us online where you can create stop motion animation based on the visible spectrum of light or where the world of DNA is brought to life through creating colourful fridge magnets.

To find out more about PICA, their learning program, guided tours, education kits and activities visit pica.org.au

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