Survey reveals the Scouting Effect on resilience

By Claire de Franck, Editor - Kids in Perth 17 Jun 2020

Scouts Australia Indoors

Did you know that Scouts Australia has been around since 1958? Fast forward to 2020 and its importance in developing young people’s potential is still as strong as ever. Indeed a recent survey* has shown that being part of the Scouts helps to build resilience and self-confidence as well as strengthen mental and emotional wellbeing during times of crisis.

More than 1000 young people aged 8-18 participated in the survey and among the key findings were that Scouts reported being more likely to:

  • Get along with people who are different to them
  • Give time to help others
  • Trust others
  • Hold more hope for a positive future than non-Scouts
  • Forgive themselves if they make a mistake
  • Feel they make a positive contribution to their community than non-Scouts
  • Scouts are less likely to report feeling tired or having little energy

“The results of this survey are truly ground-breaking and exciting for our organisation, as they reaffirm the essential service Scouting is, and continues to deliver to our local communities.”

Phil Harrison, Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia

“We’re proud to know that the work we do for young people in our communities is helping build resilience, self-confidence and the emotional capacity to help cope during difficult times,” Mr Harrison added.

“We empower young people to make decisions, take the lead and learn by doing. We give them a safe space where they can work with others to plan and embark on their own adventures, indoors and out,” Mr Harrison added.

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* The Resilience Survey, developed in partnership with the UniSA Justice and Society (at the University of South Australia) benchmarked the responses of young people aged 8-18 who attend Scouts with those who do not, pointing to the positive impact of Scouting.

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