Our top tips to celebrate mum in this year of craziness!

By Claire de Franck, Editor 04 May 2020


What has it meant to be a mum this year with everything that has been going on? When I asked some friends, there was a common theme! ‘Its stressful’; ‘Its tiring’ ; ‘I feel like a juggling clown’; ‘It’s been uplifting’ and ‘ I am tearing my hair out!’

Being a parent (mum or dad) definitely has its moments where you feel that all you need is a glass of wine and a dark room, and the past few weeks have made that cupboard look even more appealing! But on the other hand, when times are good and you have all been watching movie marathons or baking everything you can in sight, or turning your kitchen into a science laboratory, its been uplifting and memorable for sure.

Life has seemed simpler in many ways, no rushing to playdates and parties; no worrying how busy the playground was going to be or whether you would get a carpark, and no constant ‘Mum please can I have that toy’ at the shops. There’s been more time just together as a family, watching movies, going for bike rides, reading, working on home activities and finding 101 ways to decorate an empty egg carton. Its makes us all realise that we don’t need as much as we thought we did and value what we sometimes take for granted.

So this Mothers Day, I am going to celebrate my children and my family, and love the homemade cards covered in crayon scribbles and the ends of pipecleaners; the breakfast in bed and the dinner around the table, and I won’t give anything else a second thought…well at least not until I have to tell them that, no they can’t come into the bathroom and show me what’s in their sandwich; until I have FINISHED my shower.

Here are our top ideas of how to spoil mum this Mother’s Day:

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