Travel the world without leaving the house

By Claire de Franck, Editor - Kids in Perth 30 Sep 2020

World map with spices and herbs

‘No overseas travel till 2021!’ ‘Overseas travel bans in place’ ‘International borders closed!’ Now as someone who loves nothing more than booking a holiday, and then planning my wardrobe, my husband and kids; looking at photos of the resort and working out the best places to eat THREE MONTHS in advance of the trip, you could say I love going away. Unfortunately, I will have to put my plans on hold for the foreseeable, but does this mean I cannot get a dose of far-flung places in the meantime….no!

Thanks to technology, the world seems very small much of the time and we can travel the globe without ever leaving the house. Here are 6 ways to do just that, either on your own or as a family…

Take a Virtual Tour

One of the most popular ideas is to visit places online, this could be anything from a tour of a world-famous museum through to a National Park or Zoo.

Learn a new language

There are so many online ways to learn a new language, you will be fluent in French; sparkling in Spanish and inspiring in Italian in no time.

Check out Rosetta Stone or Listen and Learn Australia

Kids can benefit from some great online language resources including Bilingual Kids Spot

Cook up a storm by learning a new cuisine

From Japanese through to Thai, French, Moroccan and Lebanese – the worlds food is really at your fingertips.

Try SBS Food, Delicious or The Cooking Channel

Traditional moroccan tajine of chicken with dried fruits and spices, selective focus.

Learn about a new culture

Read books (non-fiction or fiction) written by people from other countries. Check out foreign movies or documentaries, listen to the local music or find a penpal!

Play a game from around the world as a family

Educational games can be a great and accessible way for children of all ages to learn about a new country You might even find you are so busy with all of the above, you don’t have time for a holiday!

Happy travels!

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