Mr Snotbottom

With FRINGE WORLD about to kick off for another year, we sat down with Mr Snot bottom and asked him a few questions ahead of his Horrible Terrible Really Really Bad Bad Shows to find out what a snot bottom really is or should we say who!

For people who aren’t familiar with you or your work, tell us a bit about yourself .

I am the Prince of Putrid, the Willy Wonka of weird, the horrible, the terrible, the deeeesgusting Mr Snot bottom! I am king of tasteless tunes, gross-tastic gags and just wrong routines. Oh and fairy-princess-ballets. I’m great at those too.

Before becoming a full time performer, what were you doing for work?

I was actually Lady Gaga. It was such a mundane boring 9-5 kind of job.

Who is Mr Snot Bottom? How did this character come to you?

An angel came to me one night and said you will give birth to someone who will change the world, now take this donkey and….. wait that was someone else…  um.. actually I was cursed by an evil witch and now I have to do this for the rest of my life! THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!! The only way I can be freed is if I get kissed by Queen Elsa. 

As a performer, who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by a lot of really important and established high end artistic performers… Peppa Pig… Donald Trump… Baby Yoda…. ummm that guy over there… that bin… this toe-nail.. so yeah a lot of important influences.

Can I go now? I really need to pee… Thanks.    

Catch his shows at the Lotterywest De Parel Spiegeltent at The Woodside Pleasure Garden from 26 January until 2 February.

Book your tickets here and add the code STINKY for $15 tickets.


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