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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 10 Apr 2024

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Exploring the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) at the International School of Western Australia (ISWA) opens up a world of educational opportunities for Perth children.

This programme also integrates with the Australian Early Years Learning Framework to offer a comprehensive, inquiry-based learning experience from an early age.

Children embarking on their educational journey at ISWA are introduced to a learner-centered approach where independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning are nurtured. The PYP framework at ISWA enables students to develop transferable skills, acquire core knowledge across various subjects, and understand complex concepts through a global perspective, thus fostering international-mindedness and strong personal values.

Here are 10 benefits for Perth children experiencing this educational journey:

Holistic Development: The PYP focuses on the all-round development of the child, both academically and personally.

Global Citizenship: Children learn to appreciate cultural diversity and develop a global mindset.

Critical Thinking: Encourages inquiry and critical thinking, preparing students for complex problem-solving.

Language Skills: Emphasizes second language acquisition, enhancing communication in a globalized world.

Image/Video Credit: International School of Western Australia, Facebook, Online.

Community Connection: Promotes engagement with local and global communities, fostering social responsibility.

Personalized Learning: Small class sizes ensure individual attention and tailored learning experiences.

Inclusive Environment: A non-denominational and co-educational setting encourages diversity and understanding.
High Academic Standards: Consistent high performance in national assessments like NAPLAN.

Experienced Educators: Dedicated staff providing differentiated and flexible learning experiences.

Pathways to Success: Prepares students for a variety of future academic and career pathways.

ISWA's commitment to academic excellence and nurturing global citizens makes it a compelling choice for Perth families. The school’s unique approach, combining the IB PYP and the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the future, making ISWA a standout option for those considering private schooling in Perth​ (ISWA)​.

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Image/Video Credit: International School of Western Australia, Facebook, Online.

Q+A | Dr. Caroline Brokvam, Principal

Dr. Brokvam, why and how does the International Baccalaureate program at ISWA create a unique educational philosophy and mission?

The IB program at ISWA fosters a unique educational philosophy and mission by placing a strong emphasis on concept-based inquiry, international mindedness and advocacy skills.

Our students are not only academically capable but also socially responsible and globally minded individuals.

We are a diverse, inclusive, co-educational and non-denominational international school who aim for our students to be empowered and to thrive.

How does the IB program at ISWA foster a global perspective among students, and why is this important for children growing up in Perth?

The IB program at ISWA promotes a global perspective among students through our international curriculum, multicultural environment, and emphasis on global issues. We have students from over 60 nationalities; whether our students are from Perth, interstate or overseas, they are exposed to many perspectives which fosters empathy and understanding and prepares them to thrive in a connected and interdependent world.

In what ways does the IB curriculum challenge and stimulate students academically compared to traditional or conventional educational pathways?

The IB curriculum challenges and stimulates students academically by encouraging critical thinking, research skills, and independent inquiry. Compared to traditional educational pathways, the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL’s) focus on transferable skills, depth of understanding, interdisciplinary learning, and real-world application, preparing students for the complexities of higher education and beyond. Additionally, the IB's focus on intercultural understanding and international-mindedness prepares students to thrive in diverse academic environments, facilitating their transition to university life and encouraging them to become engaged global citizens.


How does the IB diploma prepare students for university-level education, and are there advantages for IB graduates when applying to universities globally?

Through its rigorous curriculum, which includes a range of subjects and encourages interdisciplinary connections, students develop strong academic foundations across multiple disciplines. The emphasis on inquiry-based learning and independent research equips students with the skills needed to excel in

higher education, where self-directed study and intellectual curiosity are essential. There is plenty of research to show that IB students are more successful at both getting into and completing university degrees. For example a recent national study by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) comparing International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) and non-Diploma Program students, demonstrates that DP students consistently and significantly outperform non-DP students in offers of university admission, persistence to the second year of study, and university completion rates.

What essential skills do students gain from the IB program that you believe are crucial for their future success in a rapidly changing world?

Students in the IB program gain essential skills such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, empathy and cultural competence. These skills are crucial for their future success in a rapidly changing world where adaptability, creativity, and global awareness are highly valued.


Could you elaborate on how the IB program at ISWA encourages students to engage with their local and global communities?

The IB program at ISWA encourages students to engage with their local and global communities through community service initiatives, global perspectives integrated into the curriculum, collaborative projects and international networks and programs. Students participate in community service activities to address local needs and make a positive impact. They develop empathy and cultural awareness through the study of global issues and intercultural learning, fostering a sense of global citizenship. Collaborative projects provide opportunities for students to work with peers from diverse backgrounds, broaden their horizons, and take action to effect positive change in their communities.

Do you have any notable success stories or achievements of ISWA IB graduates that you can share to illustrate the program's impact?

We have many notable success stories of ISWA IB graduates who have gone on to excel in universities around the world, pursue meaningful careers, and make a positive impact in their communities. These success stories are a testament to the transformative power of the IB program and its ability to prepare students for a bright future.


Finally, what advice would you give to Perth parents who are considering the IB program for their child but are uncertain about how it differs from other educational options available locally?

For Perth parents considering the IB program for their child, my advice would be to explore the unique benefits of the IB curriculum, (, attend one of our Community Tours, speak with current IB students and parents, and consider how the IB philosophy aligns with their child's strengths, interests, and goals. It's also important to keep an open mind, ask questions, and actively engage with the school community to make an informed decision about their child's educational journey.


Image/Video Credit: International School of Western Australia, Facebook, Online.

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