Am I the only one looking for life’s little shortcuts?

By Nicole Ohm, Mum and Manager at Brownes Dairy 04 Nov 2018


There’s no doubt that time and energy are the most precious, limited commodity we have. These days, where busy-ness is speed of everyday life, I’m all for streamlining the less important things so I can focus on the things that matter most (raising good kids, nurturing my marriage and squeezing in a bit of self-care). We’re not talking reckless corner cutting here, merely simplifying what I can.

As an example of my new time-saving regime, I recently discovered EMS – a newish 20 minute workout that means you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Talk about the ultimate life hack (at least for a while – I loved EMS, but it too has since fallen by the wayside). Another favourite shortcut in our home is those dinner kit boxes that are so popular right now. They’re fresh, local, healthy, exciting for the kids to help cook and, best of all, there’s no shopping and no food wastage. Pretty convenient, huh?

It was over a Mexican fiesta dinner one evening that one of the fellow mums at Brownes Dairy came up with the idea of putting our yoghurt in a handy ‘top down’ bottle. She wanted to add a neat line of Greek yoghurt to her burritos but there was no easy, quick and clean way of doing it – and so Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt was born!

We shared the idea with our friends and family and when they said how delighted they were with this invention, we knew we were onto something. ‘Handy for camping,’ one of them said. ‘Great for cooking,’ said another. ‘Now the kids can help themselves,’ someone added.

So work began to make it happen! And the result is our new fast, fun and convenient Brownes Dairy Top Down Yoghurt in Greek Style and Vanilla Bean & Strawberry (great to squirt onto some granola or fruit!). Available in Coles and IGA from 10 September and Woolies from 15 October.

Don’t forget to let us know how you use yours by tagging @brownesdairy in all your pictures on social media!

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