Being mindful of our mental health

By Claire de Franck, Editor 16 Apr 2020

Mental Health COVID 19

If ever there was a time when ours or our loved ones mental health might be suffering, I am guessing it would be now. With all the uncertainty, fear and challenges that we are confronted with, we need to help ourselves, our children and others to ensure that we stay mindful of our mental health .

Luckily there are so many resources out there for both adults and children alike when it comes to this subject, and we wanted to let you know of some that will hopefully help you through this difficult and unprecedented time, and remind you that you are not alone.

Helping kids and their mental health

Assisting children and helping them feel safe and secure, Meerlinga Young Childrens Foundation sent through these valuable parent support resources which cover a range of issues and conversations you may be having as a family right now.

Coronavirus – How to help your children and you in these uncertain times

8 Tips to Tackle Coronavirus Anxiety from a Clinical Psychologist

Talking to your child about Coronavirus

Some other great tips for activities to do with children that we have found useful are:

  • Good Things – make some time before bed to talk about what good things happened that day.
  • Talking about worry and feelings – always make time in the day to speak about any worrying thoughts they are having, and come up with positive ways together to address these.
  • Activity Planning – helping your child have some structure in the day makes them feel safe and secure, so plan out the day together, making sure you include time for fun!
  • Connection – make sure they have a chance to FaceTime friends and family throughout the week.

Support for adults

What about us, the parents, carers, grandparents?

How can we help ourselves?There are so many wonderful organisations out there, many of which have dedicated pages related to Coronavirus and the many issues it is exacerbating or causing:

Beyond Blue has a range of informative resources, online forums and strategies to help.

Relationships Australia offers a wide range of services and advice to address the many relationships we have whether with family, friends, work.

Life Supports offering many Coronavirus specific services including stress, anxiety and panic management, and relationship and family concerns.

Apart from professional services, try and take some time for yourself if you can, whether that be through an online yoga class; mindfulness, a positive podcast or just simply a good book.

Check out our ‘things to do now the adults are stuck at home’ list for some other great ideas.

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