Easter kids fun

Easter like everything else in recent weeks is going to be a bit different this year, but we can still make it a happy one full of memories…..and of course Chocolate (thanks to the Premier for letting the Easter Bunny hop into WA)!

So Easter Egg hunts, Easter Hat parades, and all the other fun activities, are not going to be happening out in parks and showgrounds but now is the time, like most things, to do them in a mini version, and it can be just as fun if not more!

A great idea for an Easter Egg hunt in the neighbourhood is colouring in and cutting out an Easter Egg drawing for your window or front door, that will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face as they go out for their daily walk. Or make some great Easter crafts including Easter bunnies that you can stick into your flower pots or an Easter basket to sit at the end of the driveway.

Some great websites for colouring sheets and all things crafty that we have found are –

Great Easter Egg colouring templates for kids. And mindfulness ones for the adults.

Colourful and bright crafts including Easter bunny bunting and make your own cardboard bunny masks.

Fabulous selection of ideas including making and decorating baskets for Easter celebrations, including paper baskets and printable baskets for just one egg.

For something truly egg’straordinary learn how to make an Easter bunny using Origami.

No garden? Don’t worry, just leave clues and hide eggs in the house. If you have the hollow plastic eggs, rather than put chocolate in them put a task in like ‘do a handstand’, ‘sing a favourite song’ or ‘tell us a joke’. Go old school and decorate some hard boiled eggs as a family, if you are really clever you can decorate them as a Disney Princess or Mickey Mouse!

Amazing ideas for decorating your own eggs, Woody; Buzz or Mickey are just some of the ideas.

Here are some cracking (s’cuse the pun) kid friendly Easter jokes.

Easter Hat parades can be done by rummaging in the fancy dress box or even in the wardrobe at home (just ask first!) or again there are loads of resources online to download and print out a paper hat to colour in and make.

Easter baking and cooking is always great fun, try and make your own hot cross buns or if that’s a bit too ambitious the good old Easter crispy cakes with mini eggs on top is always a winner! We love Cadbury Kitchen but be warned it will definitely make your mouth water.

Finally, don’t let social isolation leave you feeling lonely, do a Zoom family call whilst you are all sitting around the table having your Easter lunch, or get the grandparents to read an Easter story (we love ‘We’re Going on an Egg Hunt’) and delivers in 1-2 days. Chat to friends with a glass of wine in one hand and a chocolate egg you sneaked from the kids stash in the other, now more than ever it’s especially important to keep traditions going, make memories and keep smiling.


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