Effect of green spaces on kids!

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 17 Jan 2022

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Living in W.A., we’re blessed with an abundance of green spaces and stunning coastlines.
For children, open green spaces and nature provide stimuli for encouraging cognitive play behaviours. Nature also allows children to explore and develop imagination about the world around them.
As everyone, both adults and children alike, increasingly gravitate toward video games and electronic devices that are, by all intent and purpose, designed to be dopamine addicting... by simply exploring outside, according to research, can be just as euphoric for children. (Science Daily, 2019).
With this in mind, why not visit your local park? Also, why settle for playing only at the local park around the corner?
For any family, especially those new to Perth, exploring local parks offers a great way for familiarising yourself with new surroundings and provides children with new and exciting backdrops for running, jumping, digging, hiding and making new friends!

Top 5 Parks & Playgrounds to check out this weekend

Parks and playgrounds - John Oldham Park

Image source @Perth_life

1. John Oldham Park, Perth CBD

In the heart of the city, a beautiful green jewel in Perth CBD, go there for its really, really long slide.

Parks and playgrounds - Braithwaite Park

Image source @allangodley.photography

2. Braithwaite Park, Mt Hawthorn

Shady local park with a fantastic nature play area and, well known, to local kids for its flying fox. Please note the flying fox is for 8+ (from memory), however, the ground has soft padding for safety.

Parks and playgrounds - Kwinana Adventure Park

Image source kwinana.wa.gov.au

3. Kwinana Adventure Park

Totally free and awesome, the Adventure Park is highlighted by its Tree Maze. Filled with physical and sensory play activities, kids will have a ball exploring slides, tunnels, climbing walls and so much more! To cool down, there’s a splash pad.

Parks and playgrounds - Austin lakes

Image source @mumdoingherthing

4. Austin Lakes Adventure Park

OINK! OINK! Piggy & farm themed park for kids to explore!

Parks and playgrounds - Jungle Park

Image source @adventureswithwillandoli

5. Jungle Park, Whiteman Edge

Iconic for its really tall green climbing fort, as well as, 7m slide!

Parks and playgrounds - Tuckfield Park

Image source @flotsamandjetsam6162

6. Tuckfield Park, Fremantle

Take an iconic family photo at the Containbow “Containers Rainbow”.

volcano play ground

Image source @chloeandbeans

7. Faulkner Volcano Park , Belmont

What more adventurous than climbing a volcano! Walk or slide to get down.

Eden Beach

Image source @thewestaustralia

8. Eden Beach Foreshore Playground , Jindalee

Be careful when climbing the three story high cubed tower

Shorehaven’s Treasure Island

Image source @google

9. Shorehaven’s Treasure Island Adventure Playground , Alkimos

Giant slides perfect for toddlers as well as for big kids.

jacob's ladder

Image source @tripadvisor

10. Jacob’s Ladder, West Perth

Jacob’s Ladder goes from Mounts Bay Road to Cliff Street. The view from the top is spectacular

Shipwreck Park, Hilbert

Image source @exploring_with_kaia_and_lily

11. Shipwreck Park, Hilbert

30 metre shipwreck attraction allows children to explore. The ship has two levels and is covered with shades for hot summer days.

pia's playground

Image source @whiteman park

12. Pia’s Place Playground, Whiteman Park

The lighthouse welcomes children and adults to come and explore.

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