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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 28 Jul 2023

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Ready for a fun family adventure whether during weekend or school holidays?
Look no further than Mandurah's iconic Tourist Fun Train which is your ticket to an unforgettable exploration of Perth's picturesque coastal city.
For over 30 years, it has been serving and bringing smiles to families visiting Mandurah's foreshore.

With Mandurah's Tourist Fun Train Company, it's a unique and exciting way to really discover Mandurah like never before.
Say goodbye to the hassle of planning an itinerary because their local guides have got you covered!
Sit back, relax, and let them take you to the best spots in town.

Preview | What to expect

Photo/Video Credit: Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company, Facebook.

From stunning waterfronts to charming cafes, the Mandurah Tourist Fun Train conveniently stops at each local attraction, giving you and your little ones the chance to immerse yourselves in the beauty of Mandurah.

But wait, there's more! The Tourist Fun Train isn't just for casual sightseeing.

They also cater to special occasions like weddings, large parties, and family gatherings. Imagine celebrating your child's birthday and entertaining many guests with fun-filled train rides around a park or large open space - now that's an unforgettable experience!

Whether you're a local or a visitor, the Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company is the ultimate way to explore Mandurah's hidden gems with ease and joy.
It's a wonderful opportunity to create lasting memories with your family.

So, hop on board and embrace the magic of Mandurah with the Tourist Fun Train Company.

For more information and bookings, visit touristfuntrain.com or Facebook.


For more information and bookings, visit touristfuntrain.com or Facebook.

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Photo/Video Credit: Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company, Facebook.

Q+A | Get to know Mandurah's iconic Tourist Fun Train...

Read a profile on Mandurah's Tourist Fun Train

Question 1. Tell us the story behind the creation of the Tourist Fun Train and how it became a beloved attraction in Mandurah?

Jeremy, the original owner, brought both trains to Mandurah in 2012 and it's been bringing smiles to everyone ever since.

Mandjar Bay Fun, the smaller train, is nicknamed "Mini Toot" while Spirit of Mandurah is known as "Big Toot". "Big Toot" is also the only train of its type operating on public roads in Australia!

Question 2. What sets the Tourist Fun Train apart from other tourist attractions in Mandurah?

Spirit of Mandurah or "Big Toot", being the only road-going tourist train in Australia, is able to go just about anywhere!
It's hop on and off all day so it's a great way to see and enjoy the local sights of Mandurah.

Some of the attractions from riding the Tourist Fun Train is being able to see friendly dolphins, black swans, and pelicans.

Lastly, our trains have audio descriptions of Mandurah's history so everyone in the family will learn more about Perth's favourite coastal town.

Question 3. How do you select the routes and stops for the Tourist Fun Train? What are some of the highlights passengers can expect to see?

Spirit of Mandurah or Big Toot has 10 stations for you ton hop on and off at any station all day!

Mandjar Bay Fun Train or Mini Toot circles the Eastern Foreshore Reserve Playground in Mandurah.

Question 4. How do you ensure that each ride on the Tourist Fun Train provides a memorable and enjoyable experience for passengers of all ages?

We have passion for what you do! We celebrate being part of Mandurah's Eastern Foreshore and, above all, always drive the trains with a smile on our face.

From this positive attitude, it's infectious and, as a result, we bring smiles to anyone riding Mini Toot or Big Toot!

Question 5. How do you cater to special occasions like weddings and large parties? What can guests expect when they book the Train for these events?

Being able to take Big Toot on public roads, we're able to bring Big Toot and entertain a whole bunch of guests at your next wedding, event or birthday party!
We can decorate and theme the train according to how customers want it or they can do it themselves.

Lastly, we can even pick up your child or family and drop them off at the party to make a big entrance!

Question 6. How has the Tourist Fun Train contributed to the local community and tourism in Mandurah?

It's been a local attraction for the past 20 years and brought joy to many families, while also, showing off what's great about Mandurah from a local's perspective.

Question 7. What are some future plans or developments for the Tourist Fun Train that visitors can look forward to?

We've got lots of themed events planned for the future.

Off the top of my head, we've got the Mandjar Bay Fun Train or "Mini Toot" doing Halloween train rides during the week leading up to and including Halloween Day!
Everyone will be dressed up with Halloween music to set the mood!

Coming into Christmas, we're going to be taking families around to enjoy the Christmas lights around Mandurah.

Lastly, we've got a Giants of Mandurah tour planned to help busy parents save time, energy and really make the most out of the experience!

Question 8. How do you collaborate with other local attractions and businesses to enhance the overall visitor experience in Mandurah?

We make a point of really being local to everyone here in Mandurah. Making connections with other local Mandurah business owners and come up with packages that'll add value to our customer experience.

Question 9. How do you engage with the local community and support local initiatives through the Tourist Fun Train?

The Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company is really active in the community, we often participate in community and charity events, raising money for causes close to our hearts.

Question 10. Finally, what do you personally enjoy most about running the Tourist Fun Train and seeing the joy it brings to people's faces?

Nothing brings greater joy than knowing we made someone smile or showing something about Mandurah that you just will never know about unless you're local!

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Photo/Video Credit: Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company, Facebook.

Planner | Everything you need to know...


Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company operates 2 trains being the Mandjar Bay Fun Train aka "Mini Toot", a children's sized Fun Train for kids big and small. It operates along the Eastern Foreshore and can be found parked directly opposite the children's play area.

The Spirit of Mandurah aka "Big Toot" is the larger train for groups of up to 60 people and stops at 10 designated Stations around Mandurah.

For route details, visit www.touristfuntrain.com.

Enjoy picturesque views and relax while travelling along the beautiful Mandurah foreshore.

Keep your tickets for great discounts at a variety of supporters shops.

Bookings and tickets can be obtained from the Visitors Centre or from the driver.

Preview | What to expect

Photo/Video Credit: Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company, Facebook.

Ticket Pricing & Route Map


Station Map


Mandjar Bay Fun aka "Mini Toot"

“Mini Toot” operates 7 days/ week from 10 am to 4 pm.

It takes 10 to 15 minutes from Eastern Foreshore Playground and back.

Great Family Fun.

Watch friendly dolphins, black swans, and pelicans.

Enjoy a ride on the “Mini Toot”.

Ticket Type Price
Single Ticket$7 per Person
Family Ticket$25 | For 2 Adults, 3 Children

Spirit of Mandurah aka "Big Toot"

Spirit Of Mandurah is a Hop-on, Hop-Off All Day Train!

Tours of Mandurah operate on Weekends and School Holidays between 10 am and 4 pm. It's a 10-stop circuit taking approximately 1 hr and you're able to hop on and off to explore the sights of Mandurah.

It's the only road going tourist train in Australia.

Hop on and off all day

Great way to see the sights of Mandurah!

Ticket Type Price
Children$10 per Child
Adult$25 per Person
Family$65 | For 2 Adults, 3 Children
Senior$20 per Person

Photo/Video Credit: City of Mandurah, Facebook.

Themed Tour | Giants of Mandurah


Have you seen the Giants of Mandurah yet?

Embark on an enchanting Mandurah adventure with Tourist Fun Train Company's themed tour!

Explore and see two of Thomas Dambo's iconic Giants of Mandurah at Coodanup and Halls Head.

Duration: 1.5 hours.
Weekend and Holiday: 4:15pm to 5:45pm
Weekday | Presently, Friday Only.
From 10 am to 11:45 am | 12 pm to 1:45 pm | 2 pm to 3:45 pm | 4pm to 5:45pm
Address: Station one Eastern Foreshore, 73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210
Ticket Type Price
Children$20 per Child
Adult$35 per Person
Family$105 | For 2 Adults, 3 Children
Senior$30 per Person

Operating Times

Mini Toot

Everyday from 10am to 4pm

Big Toot

Mandurah City Tour
Weekends & Holidays between 10am to 4pm
Giants Tour
Weekends & Holidays between 4pm to 6pm
Christmas Light Tour | Starting from 1 December 2023 until 6 January 2024
Between 6pm to 8pm
Mini toot: everyday from 10am to 4pm.
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Location | Where everything is...

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Photo/Video Credit: Mandurah Tourist Fun Train Company, Facebook.

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Tourist Fun Train Company

0410 550 777

Monday, Thursday & Friday | 10 AM - 4 PM
Tuesday & Wednesday | 11 AM - 3 PM
Weekends | 10 AM - 4 PM

73 Mandurah Tce., Station One, Mandurah WA 


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