Shire of York’s 2023 YORKids Festival: A Winter Wonderland of Family Fun!

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 24 May 2023

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Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

Gear up for an exciting WA Day Long Weekend!

The YORKids 2023 Festival, now in its fifth year, will entertain kids of all ages with two full days of FREE, interactive, and fun-filled activities. Hosted by the Shire of York, the festival features an impressive lineup of 17 different acts spread across various locations around York.

Don't miss the must-see event this year: The Beanies, beloved by ABC TV Kids audiences, performing live at York Town Hall on Saturday, 3rd June. Based in Sydney, The Beanies offer a musical adventure for little ones with big imaginations.

Sunday is all about Science Alive, delivering entertaining and educational shows that both kids and adults will enjoy. Visit York Town Hall for this fantastic experience filled with good humour and participatory fun.

Gallery | Sneak Peek!

Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

Pack a picnic to enjoy at Gather York and get caricatured at the Mill Emporium. Don't forget to explore festival favourites like face painting, Incredible Creatures, Barnyard Buddies, Lasertag, Bricks for Kids, Spray & Stencil, and Inflatables.

Adding to the excitement, JuncaDelic will be showcasing its funky street jazz. Kids can participate in the JuncaDelic workshop in Peace Park on Saturday, where they can make their own percussion instruments.

On Sunday, kids aged 4-12 can join the interactive "Let's Dance" workshop, learning diverse dance styles and healthy movement.

This FREE event is held over the WA Day Public Holiday weekend. Come along and celebrate community spirit, creativity, and fun at the YORKids 2023 Festival!

Get the most out of your weekend by visiting the York Visitor Centre's website or call 9641 2233 for more information and ideas on what to do while you're there!

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Profile | Get to know the Beanies!

Kids In Perth Exclusive with Laura Dawson aka Laura Beanie

Tell us a little bit about how The Beanies started! How did everyone come together to form the group?

The Beanies formed about 7 years ago.

We first met touring plays and musicals around Australia and always seemed to get cast in performances aimed at children.

One day we decided to make our own band for children so we could be even more creative by writing our own material. The first thing we made was a podcast for children - we were one of the first groups to do so in Australia!

Since then The Beanies have branched out into live shows, TV shows and concerts (all while still doing the podcast we love so much). 


What inspires you to create music and shows for children?

Children are the best audiences.
Well perhaps ‘best’ isn’t the right word but ‘honest’ suits better!
Children will always let you know if they LOVE it (by wildly cheering, laughing and joining in) whereas if they don’t love it, they will simply wander off.
We love the raw feedback of kids. Not to mention their enthusiasm and silliness!
Your shows are described as interactive and fun for kids. How do you engage and encourage kids to participate during your performances?
The Beanies love engaging kids during the show, usually with wacky dance moves and silly jokes.
We love playing, using our imagination and improvising when Mini-Beanies want to do something totally left of field!

What can families expect from your first show in Western Australia?

The Beanies can’t wait to bring their concert show to Perth!

Mini-Beanies can expect to see their favourite ABC Kids hits such as ‘Painting Song”, “Wobble Wombat" and "Power!”.

As well as some of our new hits! 


How do you balance the educational and entertainment aspects of your performances?

The Beanies love to include something educational in the show however the priority for the group is always fun first! We think of it as hiding the vegetables in the spaghetti.
Mini Beanies are learning with The Beanies, more as a consequence of play rather than the sole intent of the show. 
You’ve won several awards for your music, and been nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Children’s Album - twice! What does it mean to you to be recognized in this way?
Well, every time it’s a big shock! But a very happy one 🙂 We feel so thankful that Mini Beanies and their Big people are enjoying what we make for them. They are the real reason we do it. We’re always so excited to hear that there are people out there with the same silly sense of humour.

Gallery | Sneak Peek!

Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

You’ve performed all over Australia, but this will be your first time in Perth. Are you excited to perform for a new audience?

We can’t wait to come to Perth! We have been getting lots of emails and messages from families over in WA hoping to see us. We can’t wait to not only sing and dance for them but maybe even meet some quokkas!


What do you hope children and families take away from your shows and music?

We hope that all Mini Beanies leave feeling like The Beanies are their friends. It’s our mission to help all children feel included and to help them play as themselves.

How do you use social media to connect with your fans?

We love to connect with fans all over the place! Including social media.
Our favourite thing is to see videos and photos of Mini Beanies!
Sometimes they'll send videos of themselves singing and dancing to our songs or photos of beautiful artwork.

Finally, what advice would you give to young children interested in music and performance?

Make sure you get yourself to some fun dance lessons! Sing as loud as you can! Join in on school plays and any opportunity to practice. But most of all - have fun!
Shire of York - the Beanies - 2023 YorKIDS

Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

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Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

Planner | 2023 YorKIDS

Event Overview

Presenting 17 different acts and activities, the YORKids 2023 program promises two fun filled days guaranteed to entertain and excite kids of all ages with a wide variety of free, interactive and engaging escapades.  This year, YORKids is delighted to present THE BEANIES as seen on ABC TV KIDS.

A Shire of York supported and delivered event in partnership with local businesses.

Gallery | Sneak Peek!

Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.


Avon Terrace, York

Dates & Times

Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 June 2023 | 10am-4pm

Cost | FREE Community Event

FREE Family Entertainment! For all ages.

Entertainment Program

Shire of York - 2023 YorKIDS - 23052023 - Entertainment Program

Day Trip Planner

York is roughly 1.5 hours drive from Perth.

To help make the drive easier, find a few interesting stops along the way to 2023 YORKids Festival to ensure your family has a safe journey!

Interesting spots on the way to 2023 YORKids!

Swan Valley: Begin your trip by heading towards the Swan Valley. There are numerous attractions here for the whole family, including wine tasting for the adults and a chocolate factory for the kids. You can also visit Caversham Wildlife Park where you can interact with koalas and kangaroos.

Midland Farmers Market: Depending on the day of your trip, a visit to Midland Farmers Market could be an excellent opportunity to buy some fresh local produce and homemade goods.

Woodbridge Riverside Park: A fun, family-friendly park with lots of open space, picnic areas, and a fantastic playground for the kids.

Chidlow's Well Railway Museum: Make your next stop at this local museum showcasing the history of railways in the area. It’s small but informative and can be an interesting pit-stop.

Mount Helena Tavern: You can stop at Mount Helena Tavern for a bite to eat. Known as 'The Mounties,' it's an authentic Aussie pub offering great meals.

Lake Leschenaultia: This is a lovely spot for a picnic and a swim. You can rent canoes and there's a children's playground as well.

Bells Rapids Park: A beautiful spot for some light hiking, enjoying the scenery, and if you're lucky, spotting some kangaroos in the wild.

Noble Falls: A little further along the road, you'll find Noble Falls, a small but lovely waterfall with a picnic area and walking trail.

Bindoon Bakehaus & Café: Perfect place to stop for lunch. The bakery is known for its award-winning pies.

The Orchard Perth: Enjoy a guided tour of the orchard and taste some fresh citrus fruit.


Find all these great spots in the map above along with clickable links for directions.


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Video/Photo Credit: Shire of York, The Beanies, Facebook/YouTube.

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