MAWA Books – Filling The Maths Learning Gap

By Mathematics Association of WA, 10 Nov 2020


For those people looking to understand and overcome the gaps they may be experiencing with their Maths knowledge, MAWA’s Foundation Mathematics books are the answer.

Designed to help people become more numerate in their daily lives, the set of four books are suitable and relevant for older Primary students in Years 5 and 6, Secondary students with gaps in their understanding, and adults who wish to improve their Mathematics and deepen their knowledge of important content that they may not have understood earlier.

The writers of these texts believe that all students can learn mathematics provided they are supported to move from practical examples that connect with what they currently know and understand, through to more abstract examples. These books are designed to provide this practical support.

The textbooks are broken into sections with each linked to content from the Australian Core skills framework Level 3 and the Western Australian Mathematics Foundation course. Each is then structured into several Mathematics skills topics and include the following components which reflect good learning practice:

Mathematics Discussion

– a brief outline of the Mathematics in the topic


– designed to introduce the Mathematics in the topic and/or to encourage discussion and sharing of Mathematics learning

Sarah’s Strategy for Adding Numbers

Practice Exercises

– short exercises, games and apps designed to consolidate learning

Reflections and discussion

– personal reflection that allows for deeper understanding

Reflection on Learning

– designed to encourage students to reflect and connect the Mathematics in this section with other Mathematics they have learned

OLNA Practice Questions

– examples of the types of questions included in the OLNA (Online Numeracy and Literacy Assessment)

The content is arranged in an order that builds from one section to the next and from one topic to the next. It is encouraged that students and practitioners revisit content regularly.

MAWA Foundation Mathematics Series

The books are designed not only to support students to learn the Mathematics content but the mathematical and decision-making processes they will need as adults. The emphasis on how to approach Numeracy problems in everyday life is evident throughout the textbooks thus helping to develop students to become adults who are confident in their Mathematical ability.

This highly experienced author team has all worked in leadership roles in Mathematics education. The expertise of the team encompasses primary, secondary school and teacher professional learning (including First Steps in Mathematics) and pre-service education. They have now applied this understanding of imparting the basic concepts to older students using more sophisticated language and contexts.

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