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By , 18 Dec 2022

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One of the many questions my daughter asks is ‘what is driving like?’

I began to wonder how she could get a taste of what it’s like to be behind the wheel (legally!) and then it hit me... Let’s go go-karting!

Questions start rolling through my mind…. Is it safe?

Is she old enough?

Do I even have the guts to drive fast on a race track myself?

Well after a day at Mega Fast Karts I can confidently tell you the answer is YES!

Mega Fast Karts prides itself as being Perth’s most authentic go-karting experience.

They operate on proper competition racing tracks located at the Wanneroo International Kartway and Cockburn International Raceway.

Their karting options cater for kids from as young as 5 to adults!

We went to the Wanneroo track and were met by owner Aaron Thompson and his highly experienced team who explained what kart options were available for each age group.

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Kids in Perth team members Mike, Nigel and his son joined in the action.

First, we were fitted with helmets and supplied Covid-safe balaclavas to wear underneath.

One of the friendly staff members then talked us through the track layout, advised us on where to brake and general safety tips. He made sure all of our questions were answered and everyone felt comfortable and confident to get onto the track.

Once everyone was prepared and ready, we trooped onto the track and got into our karts.  Mike and I each climbed into a Senior Kart while my daughter jumped into a Junior Kart, meanwhile, Nigel and Nate got onto a dual kart. With our helmets and harnesses checked one last time by staff, making sure everyone knew which pedal was which (safety is a top priority!)... we hit the track!

Every session offers ten minutes of track time – That's plenty of time to both get a feel for the track before putting your foot down.

I took comfort in the fact that there are sand bunkers next to tighter corners, so if you do take it too fast or spin out of control, the sand will bring you to a safe stop.

If you can’t drive your kart back onto the track, simply raise your hand and a staff member will promptly help you.

Being my first time karting, once I got comfortable picking up speed, it was super exhilarating - I can see how people can get hooked!  My daughter felt the same way, she's really looking forward to coming back and trying the Senior Kart when she's older.  Everyone had an awesome time, including Nigel's son who had a big smile on his face at the end of the day.

If you haven’t been go-karting, I say ‘go for it!’

Interested in going go-karting?

Find information about Mega Fast Kart's pricing, birthday party packages, as well as, their unique Grand Prix experiences below.

Preview | Experiencing Mega Fast Karts!

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Go-Karting Do's & Don'ts

Do wear sun cream! 
It can get hot out there on the track and it only takes ten minutes of sun exposure to get burnt.

Don’t wear a singlet 
I did and realised it was a mistake as soon as I got into the kart.  Those seats sure can heat up on a hot summer’s day!  Wear a t-shirt

Do wear enclosed shoes  
If your toes are exposed then you won’t be able to kart.  Wear sneakers

Do brake at the corners  
Drop your speed as you approach sharp corners to minimise your chance of spinning out of control

Don’t be complacent 
Make sure you listen to and understand all of the instructions given.  Yes the karts are safe, but they are still a powerful vehicle that you need to treat with respect

Call ahead or DM first
Don’t just rock up expecting they will have a spot available for you as they book up quickly.  Call ahead to find out their availabilities and they’ll book you in over the phone.

Alternatively, use the Facebook Messenger chat widgets on the right side of this page to get in touch directly with either their Wanneroo or Cockburn locations.

Competition Giveway | Enter to win

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Planner | Organise Mega Fast Karting experience

Mega Fast Karts is Perth’s most authentic racing and karting experience. Operating from 2 Perth locations, both competition karting tracks located at Wanneroo and Cockburn… they’re the only Perth go-karting business to do so!

Besides racing at competition kart tracks, which offer speed in a safe environment, Mega Fast Karts also runs the fastest go-karts in Perth as their fleet consists of competition-grade karts.

Some of these karts can get up to 70 km/hr!

Sneak Peak | What to expect

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