How children navigate friendships and bullying

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 17 May 2022

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Friendships are an important part of growing up for children, but friendships can be a mind field for children navigating how they fit in and be accepted amongst peers.

The Magic Coat's new book and workshops help children understand that there are two types of friendships, healthy and unhealthy.


Healthy friendships are the ones where children feel safe knowing their friends have their back... no matter what.

Unhealthy friendships quite often leave children questioning whether a person truly is a friend and there may be fights and feelings of anxiety.

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The Magic Coat teaches children how to identify between healthy and unhealthy friendships, as well as, be given a set of tools to use when they realise they're in an unhealthy friendship (and it doesn’t always involve children no longer spending time together!).

With The Magic Coat, children are encouraged to not be afraid of spending time on their own.

If they can’t be around people that makes them feel comfortable, it's okay for them to spend time on their own... doing things they enjoy.


Inside The Magic Coat book, children are encouraged to make an “On my own box” instead of feeling uncomfortable and lost without anyone to play with.

Quite often parents confuse children having a friendship issue or disagreement with a child being bullied.

Instead, The Magic Coat teaches children basic conflict resolution using a Friendship Treasure Map.


The Friendship Treasure Map gives children simple and effective tools for talking through friendship issues so they can maintain healthy friendships.

True friendships are as precious as gold so we want children to be able to resolve conflict and remain friends where they can.


When it comes to bullying, The Magic Coat has a character dedicated to teaching children how to stand up for themselves, Pop the Cork!


Through characters within The Magic Coat book, children are empowered with simple and effective tools and strategies for how to manage bullying, building self-esteem and confidence that others won't be able to knock out easily.


Learn more about the benefits of The Magic Coat for your child by visiting


Below, you’ll meet some of the characters behind The Magic Coat. Have a question for Di Wilcox and the team at The Magic Coat?

Start a direct conversation by either submitting an enquiry form or Facebook Messenger to the right of this page.

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What is The Magic Coat?

The Magic Coat is a tool that has been developed to help create confident, calm and caring kids who know how to problem solve, feel safe and manage their emotions appropriately for them to have good mental health and wellbeing.

The program helps children learn to take control and responsibility for their own world and to create positive relationships with adults and children around them.


For Parents

  • For the program to be most effective parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend workshops with their children. Each workshop facilitates important connections and conversations between parent and child so that this communication can continue at home.

For Professionals

  • The Magic Coat is a universal program that doesn't just target one particular type of child. It provides techniques and strategies that are beneficial to every child. The program is taught to teachers, psychologists, social workers, police officers, foster carers and anyone else who deals with children.

Digital Workshops

  • Di Wilcox and The Magic Coat team have now created online, digital workshops. These workshops come with a workbook and Auslan translated versions.

Book a School or Community Workshops

  • If you would like to book a workshop with The Magic Coat for a school or community please contact The Magic Coat

Bring The Magic Coat into your home

The Magic Coat - book

The Magic Coat Book

The Magic Coat teaches children to use the analogy of a bright yellow coat that has magic pockets inside. Each pocket contains characters that will enable them to deal with the day to day issues that they are facing. Children are encouraged to imagine that they are putting the coat on every morning before school so that they feel ready to face the day.

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Magic Coat Toddler Book

The sooner we introduce our children to The Magic Coat the better.

It also comes with a Toddler Journal where parents can keep records and pictures of their children whilst also reading tips and strategies to help raise a healthy and happy toddler.

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