Transform into a home science wiz this National Science Week

By Claire de Franck, Editor - Kids in Perth 29 Jul 2020


15 till 23 August sees the return of National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

It’s the perfect time to get kids involved in science at home. Experimenting at home sparks curiosity, encourages communication, improves learning and broadens their minds and yours!

Here at Kids in Perth we have made it even easier for you, with our out of this world homemade lava lamp activity (thanks Mike in Design!). If that wasn’t enough, the team have also been busy brewing potions and letting their scientific juices flow with their top picks of ‘at home’ science kits.

We hope you enjoy! Tag #kidsinperth and lets us see your creations.

Homemade lava lamp experiment

Top Picks – ‘At home’ Science Kits

1. Claire’s Pick

Cool Science Experiments Kit with Slime Glue

What child doesn’t love slime?! I love this kit for the over 8’s because it gives you everything you need to make super slime, invisible ink, a solar-powered oven and more than 50 other fun experiments!

RRP $24.99 + Shipping

2. Nigel’s Pick

Model Make Your Own Solar System

Inspire your kids to reach for the stars with this hands on model of our solar system.

Lots to learn from this simple model including why we have day and night, different timezones, seasons, through to, where the planets are when they look up at the night skies! Very least, I hope this toy helps children to grow up not believing in Flat Earth theory!

RRP $19.00 + Shipping

3. Mike’s Pick

Beaker Creatures!

This fantastic 15 piece kit combines collectibles with science, so a win-win! There are 35 creatures to collect from five different planets – with a collection that is truly out-of-this-world.

Will you be lucky and uncover one of the rare 24-carat Creatures? Children will create amazing bubbling reactions with this Super Lab! Simply drop a Beaker Creature Reactor Pod into the chamber, pump in water with the hydroplungers and watch the fizzing, bubbling reaction to reveal the creature inside!

RRP $44.95 + Shipping

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