Miyawaki pocket forests popping up in Perth schools! 

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth | In collaboration with Carbon Positive Australia 04 Aug 2022

Miyawaki Pocket Forest planting

Everyone talks about planting more trees to combat climate change and store carbon however trees generously provide so much more! 

Carbon Positive Australia, in collaboration with Dr. Grey Coupland from the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University, are working with local Perth schools to grow Miyawaki method urban pocket forests in heat spot affected areas of Perth that have minimal canopy cover. 

These fast-growing, low maintenance native forests are specifically designed for urban environments, helps cool thermal hotspots and, naturally, provides shade and beauty. Creating habitats for native fauna, reduce effects of stormwater runoff and seeds rainfall. 

So far this year, Carbon Positive Australia has funded 5 micro forests in schools and community parks across Perth including 3 Joondalup schools, a Rockingham school and the community garden in the WA Wheatbelt town of Brookton. 

Planting Miyawaki pocket forests offers valuable learning opportunities for school children and empowers them to take practical action to the face of climate change.  

Children involved in planting trees today pass their knowledge onto incoming classes and everyone is involved in monitoring the progress of the forests as they grow. 

What is the Miyawaki method?

At the most recent school forest planting, Dr Coupland said of the most recent school forest planting:  

It was a great day. At recess and lunchtime, we had children lining the fence along the forest, checking on the progress of the planting and forest making.  

At home time, we had students and parents walking through the forest, with students showing their family the trees they planted to contribute to the forest. We also had younger, non-school-age children engaging with the program and planting with us. It was lovely to help them with some of their first steps into science.” 

Interested in planting a Miyawaki forest at your school? Get involved in this environmental movement by visiting carbonpositiveaustralia.org.au or emailing Pollyanna Darling at pollyanna@carbonpositiveaustralia.org.au. 

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