Quokkily family time at Rottnest Island

By Claire de Franck, Editor - Kids in Perth 09 Jul 2020


Top tips for the best family holiday (from a first-timer with kids!)

Rottnest Island has it all, no matter what the season! Beautiful beaches, bike rides, fishing, swimming, you name it, it’s there, with everything you need for two days of fun or a week.

The last time I visited was 10 years ago, pre-kids, pre-smartphones (what no quokka selfies?!) so this time as we set off, four families, 8 kids, I was ready for a new experience and some great memories – and boy did it deliver. So apart from learning that I should not leave it so long until my next visit –
here are some top tips that I took away from the trip.

Enjoy the ride and hire a bike – whilst you can pay to take your bikes across, we just paid to hire bikes through the ferry which saved the hassle of loading up the car with kids, bags, Eskys and bikes. You simply collect when you arrive in Rottnest and off you go… one tip would be to take your own helmets, as whilst you get them with the hire, the kids and I would have preferred our own.

Bike riding Rottnest Island

Handy hand luggage – with most rooms not available on the island until 2pm, pack snacks, water and hats in your carry on, it means you can enjoy the day as soon as you arrive. Pack your valuables and medicaton in these too. Oh and don’t forget to write your room number on all of your luggage
(oops) otherwise it will take a while for it to get to you!

Load up the esky – the general store is really well-stocked, and the bakery, restaurants and pubs are all great but the cost can add up, especially with kids. So from an economical, money-saving Scot. Pack all the essentials and save spending money for treats, cuddly quokkas and a big meal on your
last night….oh okay…and the party pies.

Pack a LOT of spare clothes (for the kids) – with so many activities outdoors, kids are going to get wet, dirty, sandy (you know it!) so pack lots of spare clothes and load up the washing machine when you get home– after all a little mud never hurt anybody.

It’s all fun and games (until you forget them) – yes there is so much to do but everyone still needs downtime, so make sure you pack some things for the kids to do when they just need a little break. Get back to basics with travel games like connect 4 or snakes and ladders, and UNO is always a

Rottnest is all about the simple pleasures in life, and as Beatrix Potter once said “If I have done anything, even a little to help small children enjoy honest, simple pleasures, I have done a bit of good.” Having taken my family to Rottnest, and seen the kids’ faces full of happy smiles, I know
exactly what she means.

Head to Rottnestisland.com for info on everything to do on the island. Rottnest Express have great deals, plus the kids can join the Quokka Club and travel to Rottnest with Rottnest Express for free, this is an exclusive offer to all WA kids aged 12 years and under (children aged 0 – 3 years travel with us for free and are not required to join).

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