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By Cassie Hart, Editor - Kids in Perth 29 Jul 2021


I bet every Aussie family has one: a big tub filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of random pieces of Lego.  A conglomeration of all the sets the kids have gotten for birthdays and Christmases.  Sets that have been built and rebuilt dozens of times until the kids get bored, chuck the pieces in the tub and move onto something else.  Then comes the time they feel like building again, so the kids turn to the big tub to create a Lego world of their own: a colourful mish-mash of characters, buildings, themes and accessories!  But, (as with a lot of things in life) sometimes the chaos of it all it can all be quite overwhelming and leaves the kids stumped for ideas of what to build next.


My not-so-little Miss is past the Lego playing stage (for now!) but still has her big tub at the back of the storeroom, so we decided to pull it out and put it to the test!

It’s pretty cool to see the app scanning the blocks and offering suggestions of what to build.  Once you pick a model, it shows you where each brick is located.  Sometimes the app can’t locate all of the pieces required, so you will still need to do a bit of digging around.  In saying that, we didn’t spread all the pieces out in a single layer as the app instructs, so that was probably more a user error!

Verdict:  The app is a fun novelty to mix things up a bit and it certainly gave us a giggle.  Kids will enjoy the process of scanning the bricks as well as the practical building aspect.  While I think the concept of the app is great, my daughter and I both agree that LEGO® building is the most fun when you just let your imagination go wild and create worlds that are totally unique.

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