VR Escaping with Hubby… Who saves who?

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 04 Dec 2021

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Ever watched Survivor on TV, or movie scenes where the main characters must escape intricate mazes, and wonder…what if it was my hubby and I in that spot. Could we work together to make it? Would we drive each other crazy?

Or have you thought to yourself…there must’ve been a better way!

Glowing Rooms answers these questions with their fully immersive VR Escape Rooms.

Currently offering VR experiences based on the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed video game franchises.

Sneak Peek | VR Escape Room

Exploring and interacting in these highly detailed worlds, working together with your partner, and trying to solve tricky puzzles, makes for an unforgettable date night full of fun and laughter.

For a bit of friendly competition and hilarious dysfunction, why not invite other parent couples along for the experience?

For more information, visit glowingrooms.com.au or find everything you need below to organise your next date night or catch up with friends without kids.

Gallery | They also do 3-D Mini Golf!

Glowing Rooms

Book Online | Organise next date night

Mini Golf

For school and group bookings over 15 people outside of opening hours to call Glowing Rooms business hours.

Children under 5 years of age are not permitted into the Golf Rooms.

*Confirmed bookings are a live Event and non-refundable. There is No concession for Uni, Tafe Students, Health Care cards or Centre Link. We don’t accept companion cards. Concessions apply to people with a current Federal Pension, WA Seniors Card and High School Students up to Year 12. Everybody who would like to experience the 3D Artwork in the Golf Rooms will need to pay the admission, see FAQ page for special exemptions.

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1 Emplacement Crs, Hamilton Hill WA 6163

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