Accessing support and the NDIS By Kids in Perth,

Finding out your child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss is overwhelming enough, without the challenge of figuring out what to do next and where to get help.

Learning that your child’s development will be delayed, and that they’ll face significant challenges when it comes to communication, can be just as devastating.

‘The time following a diagnosis of hearing loss can be very stressful for families,’ according to Felicity McNally, Manager for Early Intervention in Telethon Speech & Hearing’s Chatterbox program.

‘There are many specialist appointments and the fitting of hearing aids or cochlear implants can be very overwhelming.’

The Chatterbox Early Intervention program is more than just therapy. Families work closely with TSH’s allied health team to gain professional guidance around managing their child’s hearing loss, whilst building a network of friendships with other mums and dads.

‘Chatterbox aims to provide a flexible, family-centred service that meets the needs of the child and whole family,’ said Ms McNally.

‘This includes personalised support throughout the NDIS process, as well as connecting families with each other through weekly playgroup classes.’

‘The NDIS can be quite difficult to navigate and understand all on your own,’ she added.

‘We’re able to help families prepare for their planning meeting so that they can be the best advocate for their child.’

Call 9387 9888 or visit to learn more about how Telethon Speech & Hearing can support you and your child.

By Kids in Perth,

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