Be part of Batherapy’s mission of empowering women. Own your own Batherapy business.

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 08 Sep 2022

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Batherapy is so much more than just soaps, candles and bathbombs.

It's about empowering women to care for their well-being and creating a positive, supportive community.

Imagine being part of this mission every day... how does that sound to you?

"Describe Batherapy in 3 words? Creating, Inspiring, Relaxing."

Tracey Jewel, Founder of Batherapy

In a blur, 9 months to be exact, Batherapy has established itself as a successful, local WA brand and business with regular customers and positive feedback.

It has 3 permanent studio locations, along with, an evergrowing number of pop-up stores and appearances at shopping centres and large events such as the Perth Royal Show to build the brand and product sales.

Besides all things nice, Batherapy also offers lessons for anybody looking to learn how to make their own custom fragrance products.

Now Batherapy is pushing its empowerment mission forward by welcoming licensee and franchise opportunities as a way to help encourage and, most importantly, mentor women looking to go into business for themselves.

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Interested in being part of Batherapy’s mission or opening your very own studio to nurture your local community?
Call 0404 270 520 or visit

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Q&A | Get to know Tracey

What inspired Batherapy? Why bath soaps and candles?

I’ve always loved candles, soap and anything for 5 minutes of peace and a bath!

Since becoming a mum, I found bath time was just for the kids so I wanted to consciously reclaim bath time for myself!


What does Batherapy represent as a brand?

For anyone experiencing isolation, loneliness or mental health issues, we created a safe space where they can come and just be, feel welcome to attend classes on their own to make some fun products and meet new people.

Creating with your hands, especially sensory experiences such as scents can be so therapeutic, while also, incorporating mindfulness and being present too!


Why are you so passionate about entrepreneurialism and business? How did this interest start?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved candles, baths and all things fragrance.
As a 21 year old I used to have a stand at the Freo markets selling room sprays!

It’s something I always come back to.

As for business and entrepreneurialism, I’ve have had some negative experiences in the corporate environment relating to sexual harrasment. It’s made me passionate about creating a community where women are empowering and supporting each other to create opportunities for other women.


What is your daily self-care ritual or routine?

With a 1-year-old it can be tough but I have my non-negotiables! I always make time for 15 min of mindfulness or meditation a day and journaling before I go to bed.

It helps me let go of the day - the good the bad and the grateful for a good night's sleep

Why is it important for women to incorporate Bath Care into their routine? How can they do it?

It’s time we reclaim the bath from our kids!

Sometimes, it’s the only space in the house where we can get some uninterrupted me time and incorporates many self-care elements such as reading a book, smelling beautiful aromas, relaxing in dim lighting and being electronic free!


Using Self-Care and Bathing Products as a vehicle, you're building quite a community and following, what's your vision and purpose for Batherapy fans? How would you like to influence them?

Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive or the once-in-a-while experience of a day spa.. we deserve to pamper ourselves every day and it is easier to do once you create a space you want to be in!

Simple items such as a bath caddy, candles and a good bath soak or book or for those without baths a beautiful shower steamer can really create a positive impact on the day

Learning to create products as handmade gifts for a loved one or yourself is such a fun experience while connecting over a wine or high tea, having a laugh is memorable for many reasons!

If you're interested in owning a Batherapy business of your own, please submit a form below to receive a Franchise Pack detailing this business opportunity.

Making bath fizz bombs at home concept. All the ingredients on table on wood spoons: cornstarch, essential oil, dye, citric acid, baking soda, dry herbs, round metal pressing molds.

Enquiry Form | Interested in Batherapy?

Register your interest in being part of Batherapy by submitting a form below. 

This form will generate an email enquiry on your behalf. Ask your questions and make appointments directly from here.

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0404 270 520

Maylands Studio | 1/43-53 Eighth Ave Maylands WA 6151
Booragoon Studio | Shop 5/3 Kearns Crescent Ardross, WA, 6153
Hillarys Studio | Shop 69, Hillary's Boat Harbour, Hillarys WA 6025

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