Is your child a budding Kidpreneur? Learn how to encourage entrepreneurialism in your child.

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 08 Sep 2022

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Is your child a budding entrepreneur or kidpreneur?

While other kids are outside playing or obsessing over trending fads, yours is more interested in thinking up side hustle ideas…

And you’ve heard all of these bad and, sometimes maybe good, ideas and never ending questions.

Mum, can we do a car wash out the front of the house?

Mum, can I have money to buy lollies to sell at school?

Mum, why do you go to work?

Mum, how do you make money?

In your mind, it always ends with this hilarious conclusion…

My child is either going to be rich or end up in jail!

So how do you continue encouraging curiosity while putting them in positions to either fall or succeed?

Image Credit: Batherapy, Facebook Page

Top 5 Kidpreneur Tips

Tip #1. KISS.

Teach them simple financial literacy, in everything you do, always buy low, sell high.

Tip #2. Never stop encouraging or taking an interest in their curiosity or passions.

Kids are impressionable so it’s easy to crush hopes and dreams that can have repercussions into adulthood. Instead, carefully explain why something might or might not work so they can go back to the drawing board.

Tip #3. Think of, ideally also make, a product to sell.

Most entrepreneurs start by making a product they can sell.

Tip #4. Be supportive but also do the work with them.

Doing the work with them is so important because they won’t feel as intimidated.

Work can be anything from finding and researching inspiring kidpreneurs on YouTube, through to, simply helping with admin and logistics within the little microbusiness.

Tip #5. Share your suggestion in the comments!

Love to hear your thoughts!

So... what will or won’t sell?
Soaps and bath bombs are a great idea.

Where can my child learn how to make this? Batherapy.

Batherapy, owned by entrepreneur Tracey Jewel, offers a School Term program dedicated to teaching children how to make soaps, bath bombs, slime and everything nice.

Apart from teaching children how to make soaps, it also offers a really supportive community of mentors and friends because Tracey’s mission is to empower others.

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Upcoming Kids Sessions

Batherapy offers School Term & Holiday Programs (90 minutes) making all sorts of cool stuff like Slime, Bath Bombs, Soaps and so much more!

Click the button below to find out what's for kids at Batherapy!

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Gentle and deliciously scented bath bombs for kids to make and have fun with at bath time. 

  • Fragrance + colours
  • Locally sourced botanical ingredients
  • Bath bomb moulds
  • Stickers + wrapping paper
  • Full set of instructions
  • Step-by-step video tutorial
  • Australia-wide shipping included

Makes 6 Bath Bombs, RRP $65

Suitable for children 6 – 12 years old.

Find a session at your nearest Batherapy studio.

Can you now imagine your budding kidpreneur’s business starting up from your kitchen bench or garage?

Learn more about Batherapy by calling 0404 270 520 or visiting

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Famous Kidpreneurs | Start 'em young...

Here are 5 inspiring examples to show your child that anything's possible!

Going Hollywood...

Kidpreneur - 08092022 - img2

Marsai Martin, the youngest ever executive producer ever in Hollywood

Martin inspired the movie Little (2010) which follows an overbearing boss who is transformed into the child version of herself.

The film was released in 2019 and grossed $48 million worldwide.


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Teen tech titan...

Kidpreneur - 08092022 - img3

Robert Nay, created gaming app Bubble Ball

Robert Nay was 14 years old when he created Bubble Ball with no previous coding experience.

He learnt how to code by studying and researching at his local library.

In total, Bubble Ball has 4000 lines of code.

It was downloaded more than 1 million times within 2 weeks of launching! Surpassing Angry Birds as the most downloaded free game on Apple.


Who's next...?

Two children making chat, silhouette vector

(Insert YourChild's Name), local Perth kidpreneur.

Love to see a local kid make this list! Know a kidpreneur?

Please share it in the comments!


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