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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 10 Apr 2022


Nestled among the chic retail shops along Eighth Avenue in Maylands is Batherapy.

Like its neighbours, it sells artisan and handmade products, in the case of Batherapy… beautiful candles, bath soaps and fragrances. Besides stocking beautiful products, Batherapy has a powerful, underlying mission driven by its owner, Tracey Jewel.

Hmmm. She looks familiar, wasn’t she on… Yes, Tracey used to be on Married At First Sight (2018).

Since being on TV, Tracey has gone through many adversities and, thankfully, come through the other end towards motherhood joy and purpose in advocating and empowering women towards better self care, mental wellbeing and entrepreneurialism.

Born from her childhood passion, Tracey created Batherapy to be an exciting Studio where anybody is welcome to not only drop to buy nice things, but also, try their hand at making their own! Or network…

Describe Batherapy in 3 words.
Creating, inspiring, relaxing

What inspired Batherapy? Why bath soaps and candles?
I’ve always loved candles, soap and anything for 5 minutes of peace and a bath!

Since becoming a mum, I found bath time was just for the kids so I wanted to consciously reclaim bath time for myself!

Why are you so passionate about entrepreneurialism and business? How did this interest start?
Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved candles, baths and all things fragrance.
As a 21 year old I used to have a stand at the Freo markets selling room sprays!
It’s something I always come back to..

As for business and entrepreneurialism, I’ve have had some negative experiences in the corporate environment relating to sexual harrasment. It’s made me passionate about creating a community where women are empowering and supporting each other to create opportunities for other women.

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Want to find out more about this community?
Batherapy is located at 1/43-53 Eighth Ave Maylands WA 6151 and open Wed-Fri between 12-4pm and Weekends 10am-4pm. For more information, call 0404 270 520 or visit

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Q&A | Get to know Tracey

What does Batherapy represent as a brand?
For anyone experiencing isolation, loneliness or mental health issues, we created a safe space where they can come and just be, feel welcome to attend classes on their own to make some fun products and meet new people.

Creating with your hands, especially sensory experiences such as scents can be so therapeutic, while also, incorporating mindfulness and being present too!

What is your daily self-care ritual or routine?
With a 1 year old it can be tough but I have my non negotiables! I always make time for 15 min of mindfulness or meditation a day and journalling before I go to bed. It helps me let go of the day - the good the bad and the grateful for a good nights sleep

Which is more important, the bath at the start or end of the day? Why?
It depends on the type of person you are and both can be amazing!
A morning bath can allow for creativity time to set your day up with intention and of course at night can help you wind down for bed!

Why is it important for women to incorporate Bath Care into their routine? How can they do it?
It’s time we reclaim the bath from our kids! It’s sometimes the only space in the house where we can get some uninterrupted me time and incorporates so many self care elements such as reading a book, smelling beautiful aromas, relaxing in dim lighting and electronic free!

What's your favourite product and why?
I’m loving using bath oils in the bath - I have super dry skin washing my hands all day long like so many and find the oil hydrates my skin long after a bath! My fave that we create is clear mind bath oil by batherapy

Do customers still ask about your MAFS experiences? How has this helped and hindered getting this business off the ground?
They do ask! And we have a good laugh about it and I share a few behind the scenes gossip and deets

I think the way I came across on TV is quite similar to who I am as a person and this is reflected at batherapy in the space created

4 years later after mafs shows that life moves on though so I don’t think it should come as much of a surprise people find me married for real with a baby and so forth
Describe a typical day for you as an entrepreneur?
Like most mums it is a juggling act and no day is the same. Flexibility is key which means I can go some days until 2pm
Without checking my phone or laptop and spending with my family and other days I’m working til 10pm.

I always make sure every day I have quality family time and my non negotiable self care time

Using Self-Care and Bathing Products as a vehicle, I’ve noticed the community you're building, what's your vision and purpose for Batherapy fans? How would you like to influence these people?
Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive or the once in a while experience to a day spa.. we deserve to pamper ourselves every day and it is easier to do once you create a space you want to be in!

Simple items such as a bath caddy, candles and a good bath soak or book or for those without baths a beautiful shower steamer can really create a positive impact to the day

Learning to Create these products as handmade gifts for a loved one or yourself is such a fun experience while connecting over a wine or high tea, having a laugh is memorable for many reasons!


Business Opportunity | Own your own Batherapy

Looking for a second income or being entrepreneurial while doing something genuinely fun and fulfilling? Have a passion for being creative?

Why not be part of the Batherapy family by becoming a soap, candle + bath product instructor?

In a short time, Tracey Jewel has established Batherapy from being an idea into a business with 2 studio locations and a loyal community built behind the strong brand values of empowering women to their full potential.


  • Run your own mobile business
  • Exclusive territory/location
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full marketing & training support
  • Receive leads & bookings
  • Supportive female network to learn and fall not fail together with

For more information, click the button below to learn more or call Tracey.

Making bath fizz bombs at home concept. All the ingredients on table on wood spoons: cornstarch, essential oil, dye, citric acid, baking soda, dry herbs, round metal pressing molds.

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  • Stickers + wrapping paper
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  • Step-by-step video tutorial
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Makes 6 Bath Bombs, RRP $65

Suitable for children 6 – 12 years old.


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0404 270 520

Maylands Studio | 1/43-53 Eighth Ave Maylands WA 6151
Booragoon Studio | Shop 5/3 Kearns Crescent Ardross, WA, 6153
Hillarys Studio | Shop 69, Hillary's Boat Harbour, Hillarys WA 6025

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