Challenges of raising a Bi-Racial Baby

By , 01 Dec 2021

Beautiful young interracial family at home with their cute daughter and little baby son having breakfast together.

In our history, there was a time when raising a bi-racial baby was frowned upon.

Thankfully, we’re now in a world where seeing mixed race children is more common and society, for most part, embraces cultural diversity.

However, parents of bi-racial children still confront the challenge of balancing two cultures within the individual child.

In addition to everyday pressures, these parents have to make sure their child learns a different language to stay in touch with their cultural roots.

Also, make the effort to surround them with both parent’s cultures, while also learning and teaching social idiosyncrasies within each culture. It can quickly become stressful and, at times, feel futile and exhausting for these households.

As the child becomes older, they may be confronted with racial identity dilemmas, not being identified as being from one culture but, rather, 2 different cultural halves can be challenging... even first generation migrant children, who aren’t bi-racial, can experience identity issues and racism from within their own race. Imagine that.

Babys playing together in the kindergarten.

Properly educating and informing bi-racial children about their background, not withholding information regarding their unique heritage is vital to helping them gain a more holistic perspective and confidence. (R, McRoy; E, Freeman, 1986). 

Bi-Racial children and their parents, having to embrace multiple cultures, are more attune to emotive and societal issues surrounding racism, multiculturalism and stereotyping. 

For single parents of bi-racial children, keeping an open conversation and welcoming inevitable questions about race, culture and identity is important to your child feeling more connected to their cultural heritage even if the other parent is absent during formative years. 

Raising bi-racial children and balancing between multiple cultural influences is challenging however especially rewarding as these children grow to have a unique perspective of people around them. 

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