Does Chess make your child smarter?

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids in Perth 08 Mar 2022

Little siblibg boy playing chess

With Chess being so prevalent in movies and pop culture such as Harry Potter, X-Men and the Netflix drama series, The Queen’s Gambit, let us explore how this timeless game benefits children...


Firstly, does Chess make your child smarter?

Results are inconclusive. Some studies note children with weekly Chess classes improving Maths and reading test scores between 7% and up to 23% if they regularly play tournament chess. Other studies found statistically insignificant improvements.

However, it is certain that Chess exercises both sides of the brain as you see players use their left side for critically thinking solutions while the right side unlocks creativity for strategic moves.


Chess is growing in popularity among children around the world. Why is that?

Firstly, it is a game with little financial barriers and welcomes everyone.
Unlike sports, athleticism is not needed for playing and thriving at chess.

Also, it’s now cool to be good at Chess!


Could it be parents shunning away from technology for their children?
Yes, we're all pretty much addicted to dopamine from our phones.
Chess offers screen-free and more sociable interaction than video games.

Also, it's a great opportunity to banter and bond with your child.


Which Chess program would we recommend in Perth?

Dennis Holland, founder of Total Chess, seeks to introduce and spark a love for Chess in as many children as possible.

Since 2007, he has been dedicated to this amazing mission.

Total Chess offers regular chess clubs with classroom and play-based learning, online learning and tournaments for friendly competition!

During school holidays, they conduct online Chess workshops.

Learn more about Total Chess by visiting or calling 0432 935 088.

Chess Puzzles | Something fun for kids

The first image is the question, the following image will be the answer for that questions. Only scroll over when you want to know the answer. HAVE FUN!

About Total Chess | Quality Chess Coaching

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Total Chess focuses on these three steps:

  • Give people (especially kids) the opportunity to learn and play chess.
  • Educate people (parents/teachers) about the benefits of playing chess.
  • Support and encourage players to play in State, National and International Chess Events.

Total Chess is dedicated to the concept that playing chess on a regular basis will improve your life.



  • Chess Lessons during School Class
  • Before School, Lunch Time, Afterschool Chess Club
  • Private Tuition/Coaching
  • Tournaments

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