Internationally ranked Chess pro teaching children how to play… here in Perth.

By Nigel Wong, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 10 Sep 2022


Meet Dennis Holland, he’s humble, unassuming and local. 

Hiding in plain sight, he has a special talent and it’s… Chess.    


He has an International Chess Federation Ranking of 45,880 out of 360,000. 

Placing him in the top 13% of professional players in the world.


What makes this even more incredible is that Chess is regularly played by 605 million adults.  


Since 2007, Dennis has dedicated himself to the mission of sparking the love of Chess in children through Total Chess his academy.


As a child, diagnosed with Autism, Dennis discovered Chess to be something that calmed and captivated him. Very quickly, he excelled at the game and showed talent for it.


So what’s it like playing against Dennis?

By far, he’s the best and most aggressive player I’ve ever encountered.
Quick blur of pins, forks and unrelenting pressure.
Many years later, I still remember the game for being such a learning experience.


“Always be aggressive” was his advice.


Now imagine Dennis tutoring your child in Chess?

Total Chess offers Term Programs, as well as, online School Holiday Workshops.

For more information, visit or call 0432 935 088 

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Chess Puzzles | Can you solve these?

Fun chess puzzles to solve with the kids

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Which Chess program would we recommend in Perth?

Dennis Holland, founder of Total Chess, seeks to introduce and spark a love for Chess in as many children as possible.

Since 2007, he has been dedicated to this amazing mission.

Total Chess offers regular chess clubs with classroom and play-based learning, online learning and tournaments for friendly competition!

During school holidays, they conduct online Chess workshops.

Learn more about Total Chess by visiting or calling 0432 935 088.

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Dennis Holland, Founder of Total Chess

Meet the Founder | Dennis Holland


To make chess as popular in Western Australia as it is in other parts of the world.


How did you discover Chess?

At school where they had a chess club running during lunch times.

What makes you so passionate about Chess?

I just love the challenge that you get from playing chess.

There is always room for improvement and the process of improving and learning a skill is very rewarding.

Why should a child learn Chess?

I believe there are many reasons a child should learn and play chess but one of the most important is how to cope with setbacks. How do you cope after losing a game and how do you learn from that experience to improve your chess.

How is Chess perceived these days compared to when you first started Total Chess?

Over the past few years, I feel chess is getting a lot more popular and many more parents are wanting their children to learn chess. Once the child gets the opportunity to learn and play chess, it’s very rare that the child doesn’t enjoy it.

How do you get good at Chess?

Practice, practice and practice more. The more you play chess the better you’ll get just like any other skill/activity. It’s also very important to learn from your mistakes, so analysing your games to pinpoint your mistakes and work out what you could of done is very important.

What valuable life lessons have Chess taught you?

The most important life lesson I’ve learnt from chess is that if you never give up you can never fail.

When things haven’t gone to plan, I just stuck with the idea and worked out what’s going wrong, change the plan if necessary and with the extra time, success has followed.

Also, success doesn’t have to always come from winning.

I believe improving on a skill is more important than the instant result and chess helps you with understanding this process much better.

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About Total Chess | Quality Chess Coaching

Total Chess focuses on these three steps:

  • Give people (especially kids) the opportunity to learn and play chess.
  • Educate people (parents/teachers) about the benefits of playing chess.
  • Support and encourage players to play in State, National and International Chess Events.

Total Chess is dedicated to the concept that playing chess on a regular basis will improve your life.



  • Online Chess Program/School Holidays
  • Chess Lessons during School Class
  • Before School, Lunch Time, Afterschool Chess Club
  • Private Tuition/Coaching
  • Online Coaching / School Holiday Programs
  • Tournaments

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