It’s HUGE, it’s HERE! Dinosaurs of Patagonia at WA Museum Boola Bardip!

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 01 Aug 2022


Watch the video above for a preview of Dinosaurs of Patagonia at WA Museum Boola Bardip.
Source: WA Museum Boola Bardip

In a world-first, Dinosaurs of Patagonia at WA Museum Boola Bardip brings together full-scale casts of dinosaurs from an ancient time in Patagonia, alongside incredible fossils, and new finds.

Experience the sheer size of the Patagotitan and walk with herbivores and carnivores from the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic!

This striking exhibition features 13 dinosaurs, incredible fossils, 3D animations and video, and interactive fun for all the family.

Dive into the chronicles of this ancient past, travel through the deserts of Patagonia, reveal mysteries of nature and understand your place as a human being in the complex balance of our natural history.

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Preview | Meet the Dinosaurs

LoRes_114_WAM_220702_DinosOfPatagonia (1)

Nothing will tricera-top this!

Meet some of the many HUGE and ... not so huge dinosaurs on display at WA Museum Boola Bardip!



Carnotaurus was a carnivorous dinosaur that measured 7.5 to 8 metres in length and weighed 1.3 tonnes!


Eoraptor lunensis

Small, lightly built dinosaur with a slender body that grew to about 1m.

Eoraptor lunensis is thought to be an omnivore which would sprint and, upon catching its prey, would use claws and sharp teeth to tear it apart!

Argentinosaurus Huinculensis

Based on computer modelling, Argetinosaurus had an estimated mass of 83 tonnes (91 short tons).

Also, given how big and heavy it was, it had a walking speed of just over 2 m/s (7.2 km/h, 5 mph).

Argetinosaurus was a herbivore.

Has to be seen to be believed!

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Dinosaurs of Patagonia_Low Res_Miles Noel Photography (23 of 107)

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Event Information

It's HUGE. It's HERE!

Dive into the chronicles of this ancient past, travel through the deserts of Patagonia, reveal mysteries of nature and understand your place as a human being in the complex balance of our natural history.

Dates & Times
Saturday 2 July – Sunday 23 October
Open Daily 9:30am - 5pm

Standard $20 | Concession $17.50 | Junior $15 | Junior (4 and under) Free

Family* $60


Preview | What's On (July-August 2022)

What's On | Other Dinosaur Events

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Dinosaur Dig

Dino Dig

Become a junior paleontologist by exploring with us on a dig!

Every Saturday | Until 22 October

11.30am - 1pm

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Epoch sunday breakfast and dino tour

Epoch Breakfast & Dinosaur Tour

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Epoch café before exploring the Museum on one a Dinosaurs of Patagonia Guided Tour.

Sundays | 9am - 11am
(excluding school holidays)

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Torchlight Disco

Torchlight Dinosaur Disco

Experience the Museum after dark with a dino-themed, fun-filled night for the entire family.

Friday 15 July | 5pm - 9.30pm
Friday 7 October | 5pm - 9.30pm

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Dino Discoverers

Dino Discoverers

Explore prehistoric life in WA — from dinosaurs to marine reptiles and megafauna!

Every Tuesday during Term 2 & 3 | 10am – 11am

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Dino Baby and Sensory

Let them roar! Baby friendly tour and sensory play

Adults with babies under 2 years of age are invited for a baby-friendly exhibition tour and sensory play morning to indulge both you and your babies senses.
Wed 3 & 24 Aug | 10am - 12pm
Wed 7 & 21 Sept | 10am - 12pm
Wed 12 & 19 Oct | 10am - 12pm
WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Dinosaur Birthday Parties

Dinosaur Birthday Parties

No need for a gift-raptor for your party, we have it all covered with our dino-mite birthday parties!

Saturdays | 9.30am – 11.30am, 12.30pm – 2.30pm
23 July – 22 October
(excluding school holidays)

WA Museum - Dinosaurs of Patagonia - Bar Before Time

Just for Mums & Dads...

The Bar Before Time

We're unlocking the doors to larger-than-life fossils every Friday evening from 5pm - 8pm.
Explore the exhibition, music, performers and pop up talks!
Fridays | 5pm – 8pm
8 July - 21 October
(excluding 15 & 29 July and 7 October)

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   1300 134 081

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