Introduce music to your child for lifelong brain and learning benefits

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 09 Oct 2022

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Learning music benefits everyone regardless of age, especially children.

Numerous academic research papers document the benefits of learning and, most importantly, regularly practising a musical instrument.

Here are a few interesting research findings discovered from introducing children to music:

  • Better listening and verbal skills.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Increased pattern recognition.
  • Fine motor skills.

Several studies also report positive associations between music education and increased abilities in non-musical skills such as linguistics, Maths, and spatial recognition!

Researchers conclude these findings to come from music and language behaviours, namely reading, being processed in similar, overlapping neural pathways and hemispheres of the brain.

Into adulthood, your child will benefit from mindfulness and music may help in deterring dementia as they continue to strengthen neural pathways and connections in the brain that comes from regularly playing and practising music.

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With so many music programs available for parents to choose from, what should we look for in a music program?

Forte Music School builds on a foundation that starts with training your child to have exceptional listening skills. Who hasn’t been jealous of anyone being able to play music by ear?

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“It starts with training a child’s ear to have exceptional listening skills.”

- David Statham, principal of Forte School of Music (Canning Vale)

Imagine learning how to cook by tasting ingredients first rather than simply diving straight into the rote learning and procedures of recipes. Does this sounds familiar to the boring music lessons that you had as a child?

Thereafter, Forte School of Music builds on this foundation to unlock your child’s potential as a performer by presenting a fun and engaging curriculum and having passionate teachers able to help your child master any instrument.

They even offer singing lessons because… isn’t the voice itself just another instrument?

Forte Music School starts children on their musical learning journey from as young as 6 months with their award-winning Jungle Music program.

For more information, visit or find out more below.

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