Mortality and Motherhood

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth | Created in collaboration with Lindsey Taylor, Founder of TellThem4Me® 02 Mar 2022

Young mother with two children are sitting on the bed.

Motherhood can be isolating, exhausting and, above all, purposeful in giving greater appreciation for life after having given life.

It’s natural for parents to have existential moments, contemplating mortality and how finite time is. Especially true when a child is growing before your eyes and having to guide them through inevitable mishaps and misadventures along the way to adulthood.

About 3 years ago, I found my daughter eating dental floss, believing it to be fairy floss. Horrified, I yelled for her to spit it out but she cheekily refused.

“Imogen! Spit it out now!” I yelled.

Seeing seriousness in my eyes, she eventually opened her mouth for me to make sure her mouth was empty and airway clear.

“Can I die?” Imogen asked.

With the worst thoughts of my child possibly suffocating still raw in my mind.

“Yes you can and I was so worried,” I said.


From this scare to, a few months later, caring for my sick mother made me question how I wanted to design and live my life moving forward.

Not feel so overwhelmed.

Have more time and make better use of it.

Living a simple life.

These thoughts constantly percolated in my mind throughout the day.

Holiday shopping online. Family make purchases in the Internet on Black Friday. Happy mother and child girl are enjoying buying gifts with laptop in cozy living room at home. Kid and woman are smiling
So I took action by making a list and began organising my life.
  • Step 1. Meeting a financial planner and, at 26 years old, I started my life insurance policy.
  • Step 2. Packing up all my material possessions and unboxing only necessary items to use. Selling the rest on facebook marketplace and Gumtree.
  • Step 3. Creating set and forget items such as direct debits for important expenses and, most importantly, setting aside money to invest.


In short, I was getting better at “adulting” and decluttering my personal and family life by embracing mortality.


Having a central bucket to cohesively and securely store information that’s important to me was vital in helping me accomplish my goals.


TellThem4Me®, an online platform for helping parents and grandparents to plan ahead, is one such tool that provides peace of mind.

Establishing a habit of entering and updating details such as banking, estate, insurance, through to, social media details and personal wishes felt like a heavy burden was being lifted.


After starting any journey of self-growth and discovery, it gives greater clarity and allows anybody to be more present with loved ones around them.


Ever contemplated your own mortality as a parent?
Please share in the comments below.


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TellThem4Me ® | Walkthrough

TellThem4Me is an online platform that provides a “nest” for securely documenting and storing important information and personal wishes.

It’s easy to use, loved ones can access it anytime so they’re able to speak for you and make decisions at a time when you can’t.

Being organised and getting your affairs in order, whether for parents or grandparents, lets your loved ones know that they're doing what you would want them to do.

Benefits | more about...

  • Secure online storage which you can access anywhere, anytime
  • Membership represents excellent value for money. With a full membership costing less than $1 (AUD) per week
  • Choose the essential and non-essential information you record
  • Easy to add, update or delete your information
  • No book, no journals, no handwriting required and no worries about paper-based wishes and record being lost, damage, or destroyed
  • Nominate up to 3 people with 'read only' access
  • Receive a free TellThem4Me ® membership pack containing a welcome letter, fridge magnet, and static window sticker. You will also receive a My Digital Footprint digital password book and pen so you can keep track of all those websites and mobile apps along with usernames and passwords in one convenient place

Memberships | Fees & Charges


Flying Solo

Perfect for 1 person to document their information in one place

What's Included?

Affordable for someone Flying Solo.

1 Membership account

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $50 | GBP £30 | EUR €35)

The Love Birds

Perfect for a couple to store both sets of valuable information

What's Included?

Discounted rate for couples.

2 Membership accounts

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $80 | GBP £50 | EUR €55)

Wise Old Owl

This package is perfect for Seniors to store all their information in one place.

What's Included?

Discounted Flying Solo rate for Seniors.

1 Membership account

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $40 | GBP £25 | EUR €30)

Wise Old Love Birds

This package is perfect for a Seniors couple to both sets of valuable information.

What's Included?

Discounted rate for Senior couples.

2 Membership accounts

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $70 | GBP £40 | EUR €50)

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