How my painful loss inspired me to help other parents and grandparents

Created in collaboration with Lindsey Taylor, Founder of TellThem4Me® 31 Jan 2022

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My name is Lindsey,  I lost my 64 year old mother to cancer.

On 28th September 2016, I received the worst news completely out of the blue.

My mother, Madeline or ‘Maddie’ as she loved to be known, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and given 2 weeks to live.

In the following weeks, she endured painful treatments and chemotherapy.
All the while, Mum set out to ensure everything was "in order".

We planned special family times and supported her quest to tick off important bucket list items. She reassured me, I need not worry because she was sorting everything out. Respecting her wishes, I gave Pops and her space to do this.

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Early in December, Mum made the heartbreaking decision to end her ‘life extending’ treatment.

“If this is as good as it gets, it’s not good enough for me”, she said.

Broken, I accepted her wishes, and we continued ticking off that bucket list.

On 25th February 2017, 5 months after diagnosis, my beautiful mother passed away.

However, not everything was in order.  Mum simply ran out of time and it left us with so many unanswered questions about her life, her digital footprint, her funeral wishes and so much more.

From this pain and grief, came the inspiration and purpose for TellThem4Me® to help others ‘get things in order’. Above all, it provides the peace of mind that I wished I had and what I am now gifting to my loved ones.

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Thank you for reading 'My Story'.

Lindsey Taylor
Founder of TellThem4Me®

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TellThem4Me ® | Walkthrough

TellThem4Me is an online platform that provides a “nest” for securely documenting and storing important information and personal wishes.

It’s easy to use, loved ones can access it anytime so they’re able to speak for you and make decisions at a time when you can’t.

Being organised and getting your affairs in order, whether for parents or grandparents, lets your loved ones know that they're doing what you would want them to do.

Benefits | more about...

  • Secure online storage which you can access anywhere, anytime
  • Membership represents excellent value for money. With a full membership costing less than $1 (AUD) per week
  • Choose the essential and non-essential information you record
  • Easy to add, update or delete your information
  • No book, no journals, no handwriting required and no worries about paper-based wishes and record being lost, damage, or destroyed
  • Nominate up to 3 people with 'read only' access
  • Receive a free TellThem4Me ® membership pack containing a welcome letter, fridge magnet, and static window sticker. You will also receive a My Digital Footprint digital password book and pen so you can keep track of all those websites and mobile apps along with usernames and passwords in one convenient place

Memberships | Fees & Charges


Flying Solo

Perfect for 1 person to document their information in one place

What's Included?

Affordable for someone Flying Solo.

1 Membership account

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $50 | GBP £30 | EUR €35)

The Love Birds

Perfect for a couple to store both sets of valuable information

What's Included?

Discounted rate for couples.

2 Membership accounts

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $80 | GBP £50 | EUR €55)

Wise Old Owl

This package is perfect for Seniors to store all their information in one place.

What's Included?

Discounted Flying Solo rate for Seniors.

1 Membership account

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $40 | GBP £25 | EUR €30)

Wise Old Love Birds

This package is perfect for a Seniors couple to both sets of valuable information.

What's Included?

Discounted rate for Senior couples.

2 Membership accounts

12-month access to your nest

Hassle free auto renewal

Access to all member sections


(AUD $70 | GBP £40 | EUR €50)

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