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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 22 Sep 2023

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Paddle WA is making waves in the world of water sports with its exciting new junior development program, "Paddle Squad." This initiative is set to introduce youngsters to the thrilling world of paddle sports, fostering skills and passion from a young age.

But that's not all! Paddle WA's commitment to nurturing young talents doesn't stop there. They're launching the Paddle Club School Holiday program in September 2023, with additional sessions in December and April. These programs promise days filled with aquatic adventures, skill-building, and, most importantly, fun!

Getting kids involved in paddle sports offers numerous benefits. Not only does it promote physical fitness and coordination, but it also instills a deep appreciation for our natural waterways. Moreover, it's an excellent way for youngsters to build confidence, teamwork, and a sense of achievement as they conquer the water.

So, if you're a parent looking to introduce your child to the joys of paddling, Paddle WA's "Paddle Squad" and "Paddle Club" are fantastic opportunities to dive in and discover a world of aquatic excitement and skill development. Don't miss the chance to make a splash with Paddle WA!

Image / Video Credit: Paddle WA, Facebook, YouTube.

Program Details

Paddle Club | School Holiday Program

2 – 6 October 2023 between 9am – 3pm

Paddle Squad, Urban H2O - Term Program – LAUNCHES Feb 2024

Open to all ages 8 – 16

Paddle Squad is Paddle WA’s new junior development initiative. Think athletics on the water.

Running during school terms over two semesters Paddle Squad will teach, engage and empower kids in a safe and inclusive space. It’s all about fun, and our young, dedicated and highly trained staff will keep them interested, off their phones and on the water!

Designed to build resilience, confidence and a love of paddling the program comprises of on-water fast action team games and adventure sessions culminating in fun semester chasers, end of year competitive carnival and a Paddle WA wide junior camp to integrate and foster connection between all our junior programs.

Semester 1: Feb – July (School terms).

•               Allocation of Squad teams.

•               Introduction to water safety.

•               Paddling skills.

•               Team games.

•               Cultural sharing.

•               Nearer-2-Nature River themed workshop.

•               Whitewater skills introduction on flat water.

End of semester 1 Chaser: Get in the Foam Zone – Whitewater sessions for some high adrenaline action! Test your new skills.


Semester 2: August – December (School terms).

•               Development of paddling skills.

•               Team games.

•               Cultural sharing.

•               Nearer-2-Nature River themed workshop.

•               Canoe Polo training.

End of semester 2 Chaser: Riverbenders Camp – you won’t even realise you’re not using your phone! Pelican Point camp open to Paddle Club, Paddle Squad and Paddle WA Club juniors.

End of year Carnivale: Paddlefest - Elizabeth Quay comes alive with a fun paddling carnival. Including competition, Canoe Polo exhibitions and eskimo roll training. A visual feast for spectators, passers-by and city workers alike.


Competition Giveaway | Enter here

For your chance to win a spot for your child in Paddle WA's Paddle Squad Junior Program, simply fill in the form below.

Paddle WA - 2024 Paddle Squad - 22092023 - Competition Header v3 (1)

Image / Video Credit: Paddle WA, Facebook, YouTube.

Paddle WA - Logo

Contact Details

(08) 9285 8501

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday | 9am - 4pm

c/- RLSSWA, 12 McGillivray Rd, Mount Claremont WA 6010

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