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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 27 Dec 2022

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Video Credit: 산바다, YouTube.

Before everyone starts talking about it… 

You’ve got to watch Singles Inferno on Netflix.


After a super successful first Season, Singles Inferno returns as one of the most anticipated Netflix releases of 2022.


Simply put, Singles Inferno is a real-life K-Drama acting out on a deserted island between 8 hot singles.

Entwined in the drama are elements from the best reality and survival shows of recent years such as Survivor, Keys to the VIP, Big Brother and Temptation Island. 


With so many storylines happening all over the place, there’s even a panel of funny and entertaining commentators giving you play by play calls of the action just so you can keep up!


If a couple matches by choosing each other, they get to visit Paradise where they can get to know each other better and spend quality time.


So, while competing for attention, you'll see all the naturally interesting missed cues, insecurities, jealousy and raw emotions among men and women. 

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Video Credit: Netflix, YouTube.

In this current season, the “it” girl is Shin Seul-ki with many of the men falling for her demure, feminine ways. Will it be the tortured Jong-woo who eventually wins her heart? Or the hunky, brooding Kim Jin-young who sweeps her off her feet?


So far, there are 2 seasons with episode 5 and 6 of the current season releasing hopefully by tomorrow morning! 


With unpredictability at every corner, Singles Inferno has been a binge-worthy show my partner and I have really gotten into because it encourages so much conversation and debate. 


Who do you find attractive?

Did you do that to catch my eye when we first met?

Why did he do that when he’s chasing her away? 

Kiss, f*ck or marry?

What would you do to compete with him or her for me?

What would you have done?

Which guy would you want our daughter to date? Why?

Lastly and most seductively…Would you get jealous if I went on a date with him or her in Paradise?

My partner admitted he's probably most worried about Kim Jin-Young being around me while his fave female is Lee Nadine.

I agreed with him on his pick because Jin-Young has a lot of confident, brooding charisma that every girl falls for. Among the girls, I thought he was going to be most attracted to Park Se-jeong.


Questions from this show are endless to debate together while Neflix and chillin’ together in bed.


Singles Inferno demonstrates the old adage that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus which is why it’s so popular. Both my partner and I quickly binged it over 2 nights to get up to speed and it really made us think about our emotions, relationship, attraction and cues we give each other to keep things interesting.


Currently, Singles Inferno Season 2 has 4 episodes released with more being released either later today or tomorrow morning on Netflix.

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Shin Seul-Kee

Choi Jong-woo

Park Se-jeong

Jo Yoong-jae

Lee So-e

Kim Han-bin

Lee Nadine

Shin Dong-woo

Choi Seo-eun

Kim Jin-young

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