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By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 09 Nov 2021

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Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, the Roman educator, believed the aim of education was to meet the individual needs of students.

At the Quintilian School, in the spirit of its namesake, differences in children’s learning styles are accepted and nurtured in a non-competitive learning environment. Competing only against themselves to be their individual best. In every student, passionate teachers and staff work hard to foster curiosity and a love of learning.

“If children love coming to school, a love of learning is easily nurtured”, says Principal Neil.

Being an independent school, the Quintilian School is better able to fulfill its philosophy of child-centred learning. Why does this make a difference?

Allows the Quintilian School to select teachers based on outstanding credentials and ability to teach in ways that align with the values and philosophy of the school.

Curriculum autonomy to implement best practices while keeping to the Australian Curriculum and West Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

“In numeracy, our students are taught using the methods of Singapore Maths because results show this is an excellent way to learn mathematics,” Mr Collins said.

Specialist programs include French, Music, Sport, Drama, Dance through to Coding and Robotics to name a few.

Hear from an Alumni | Sam Leedman

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Hands On Learning | Get on the bus!

All the teachers at the Quintilian School have their bus license because regular excursions are a big part of the learning journey. Learning becomes fun for younger children while middle and upper primary students get to see more of the “real world”.

A day at Quintilian School | In pictures

Wellbeing | EQ...just as important as IQ

A determining factor in the success of Quintilian School graduates stems from the school placing emphasis and importance on wellbeing.

It starts from young children being taught to recognise their kimochis (pronounced “Key-Moe-Chee”, Japanese for feeling), through to, older students understanding differences between normal conflict (Friendship Fires) and mean-on-purpose (Bullying). By having this social awareness, it helps to not only better equip and prepare Quintilian graduates for high school, but also, to grow to become well adjusted adults and members of society.


“We are very proud that our upper primary students have a long history of achieving scholarship places in various gifted and talented programs at Perth Modern, Shenton College, John Curtin College of the Arts and local independent secondary colleges, while others have achieved acclaim in the visual and performing arts, and to represent the state in various sports,” says Principal Neil.


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