If you are wondering what show to take your family to – Circus Ricochet is the one!

By Marnie Adams, Contributor @ Kids In Perth 25 Dec 2022

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Have you ever seen someone backsault off a ladder, through a hoop wrapped in barb wire, that’s been set on fire?
You will at Circus Ricochet, the greatest circus spectacular ever staged! Probably.
Morgan James is the mastermind behind Ricochet Circus, one of the highest-awarded circus companies in Perth. Fringe World 2023 will see the debut of two brand new shows– Morgan James’ Pocket Sized Circus, and the premier family event of season, Circus Ricochet.

Preview | What to expect

Photo Credit: Ricochet Circus | Facebook, Russell Cherry, Jess Mews Photography

Circus Ricochet is a large-scale traditional circus for the whole family, showcasing Australia's best talent. This show is a high energy spectacular, filled with death-defying Aerials, mind-blowing Juggling, Clowning, Acrobatics and hilarious Australian larrikin comedy.

Morgan James will also perform a solo variety show promising to be the biggest show in the smallest tent at Fringe World 2023, Morgan James’ Pocket Sized Circus, a show dedicated to the younger audiences.

For more information about Circus Ricochet and Morgan James’ Pocket Sized Circus, visit the Fringe World website or ricochetcircus.com 

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Q+A | More on Morgan...

Question 1. Morgan, why have you chosen the path of being an entertainer? 

I grew up in (what was) the small town of Mandurah and from that small town grew a big dream – to travel the world and make each and every person – regardless of age, race, gender or religion – more happy.

I've spent the last 20 years of my life doing just that by touring internationally, performing on luxury cruise ships and bringing my unique brand of comedy circus to all of Australia.

Made the decision two years ago to plant my roots back home here in Perth and create a circus company dedicated to true family entertainment and bringing the best performers I met through my career together into one grand powerhouse traditional circus show, Circus Ricochet.

Question 2. With Vaudeville being about comedy without bad or moral intentions, what makes it so challenging? 

The audience is my highest priority when creating shows, and my passion is always to create hilarious and amazing entertainment for the whole family, not just the kids.

Have been fortunate to receive 6 awards throughout the years for my family shows.

Question 3. Take us back to your first show, when did the world first see Mr. Ricochet perform and what do you remember from your first show?

I didn’t grow up in a circus – in fact, it was the complete opposite!

My entire family was in the military, and that path was already laid out for my future.

I wasn’t the smartest or most confident kid at school but I loved making people laugh which led me to theatre.

When I was around 11 years old, a director in a production I was in wanted “something more on stage” and asked all the kids if anyone could juggle – I shot my hand high in the air and said “yep! I can!” and he cast me in the scene.

Truth was, I had no idea how to juggle, I just wanted to have more time on stage.
I went home and taught myself how to juggle from taking lemons from our lemon tree, and instantly became obsessed.

From there I started performing comedy circus shows everywhere I could- and now I’ve started a circus of my own for everyone to enjoy!

Question 4. What can people expect from Ricochet Circus?

Ricochet Circus is proudly producing two shows at the 2023 Fringe World Festival.

Circus Ricochet is presented as a large-scale traditional circus show – the performance will take place under The Big Top. This unique show has been created specifically for this venue.

Circus Ricochet is all about bringing the biggest and best tricks together from circuses all over the world into one powerhouse show -blended with Australian larrikin humour.

The cast of Circus Ricochet is made up of Australia’s best circus performers – acts including Aerials, Juggling, Clowning, Acrobatics, Comedy, Sideshow and Tight Wire.

The second show I am performing is the world's biggest show in the world's smallest tent – Morgan James’ Pocket-Sized Circus.

This show is presented for our younger family audience and will incorporate all of the best circus tricks I have performed all over the world.

Question 5. Who is harder to please? Adults or children?

The performance is targeted towards the family market, focusing on entertaining adults as well as children. This is not a little kids’ circus show – this is a true traditional circus with Australian humour.
A tagline to keep in mind is “a show that you can bring your mum to”, referring to an adult looking to see a show that would be tasteful and appropriate for their parents to accompany them.

Ideal engagement age bracket for Circus Ricochet is 14+ but is suitable for all ages.

An important factor with the form and style of this show is to bring true family entertainment to the Fringe market.

There has been a lot of concern with the general public that “Fringe” stands for adult only entertainment, which is only catering to a certain demographic – many of the fringe shows incorporate sexualised themes and imagery in their shows, but this is not what Circus Ricochet is about.

This show is true vaudeville variety entertainment for the whole family at its best.


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Posted by Ricochet Circus on Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Planner | Event Info & Details

Circus Ricochet | About

Circus: An entertainment or spectacle usually consisting of exhibitions of human skill and daring.
Ricochet: The motion of an object or a projectile rebounding wildly in a seemingly random direction.
Circus Ricochet: A colossal combination of chaos and circus!

Join us underneath the Big Top for our return to the rich traditions of the circus. Be amazed by our incredible aerialists as they fly through the air for your amusement! Be shocked by our sensational acrobats as they showcase their strength and flexibility!  Be entertained by our hilarious clowns as they run amuck around the Ring! Be astonished by how much hyperbole and alliteration we can fit into one show blurb!

Come one, come all, to Ricochet Circus' Circus Ricochet! The greatest circus spectacular ever staged! Probably.

Presented by:
Ricochet Circus and Entertainment

Ricochet Circus is Western Australia's leading provider of High Energy Entertainment.

From award-winning stage shows to providing full entertainment programs, it's easy to see how over 300 festivals a year trust Ricochet Circus to deliver the best entertainment to their audiences.

Ticket prices: $17.50 to $29.00

Pricing Information

Type Price
Full Price$17.50 to $29.00
Friends Frenzy$20.50
Companion Card$0.00
Kids (12 and under)$25.00
Group (6+)$25.00

Prices may not be available on all sessions.All online transactions attract a $2.20 website transaction fee.

Duration: 60 min

@Big Top at The Pleasure Garden
Russell Square, Northbridge, WA, 6003

Friday 20 - Sunday 29 January 2023

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